Self-driving Buses In The Future Will Use ‘compressed Air Tires’

Goodyear is currently using self-driving vehicles for practical testing for its tire technology. According to this manufacturer, drone buses in the future will the ability to use 'Air-compressed air': 00/01: 13 What does the car occur when a unmanned bus car is sprayed tires? Will the car slow and rush to the road safely? Then you have to replace the tire? More importantly, who is responsible for replacing tires? Self-driving bus in the future will likely use compressed air tires. Goodyear tire manufacturer has an easy-to-understand approach to solving all questions This: Make sure the unmanned car never has a tire spray by fitting its empty gas tires. Theoretically, the future will simply be like that. Currently, the anterior answer means Goodyear is ready to launch the compressed air-car tire technology (referred to as NPT)

. Instead, what the company did now develop a tire and la-zang assembly line to support self-driving vehicles in the city environment, and will be tested by the agency Transportation Jacksonville (JTA). Vehicle Self-Driving Olli of Local Motors using compressed air tires. Self-driving means will be used as local Olli cars of Local Motors, a company that has cooperated with Goodyear in the last 3 years To test NPT in various locations and facilities
Both have actually gained a number of performance goals with Goodyear's hollow tire, and now this technology enters a new stage when JTA uses it in a real world scenario. By Olli is one The car is self-driving, it will run at a slow speed and will have less moving lines. This makes urban traffic environment into an ideal test site for new tire technology. It will help clarify how gas hollow tires have more sustainability and more efficiency. Goodyear's compressed air is designed to help the maintenance team less worried while giving passengers a trip Go quiet and stable. "When portability grows, we feel that tires can change the way we move and the empty architecture is the ideal alternative, especially in the environment Self-driving traffic is developing, "said Premium Program Director of Goodyear NPT, Michael Rachita, said. "This is an important milestone when we look forward to improving the movement today, and we want to introduce the tire completely sustainably and don't need first maintenance at the end of this decade." By driving, like Olli, it is necessary to reduce maintenance and reliable maintenance costs, "CEO of Local Motors, Vikrant Aggarwal said. Goodyear's compressed air tire is designed to help the maintenance team less worried while giving passengers a quiet and stable trip. Compressed air tires may be industrial standards in the coming years "
Thao Nguyen

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