Self-relax At Home Like Going To The Spa

The way to relax the way to go to the spa becomes difficult. To reduce pressure load in life, you can relax at home with these ways.0: 00/2: 22 South "The tension is unprecedented by pandemic. Insurance for many people with pressure. This creates bad consequences such as growing many fish eggs, hair loss, weight gain

. Exercise is essential. Also, you need to do something to reduce stress And make the new version ", Chytra V Anand - beauty care specialist - share with Times of India. Below is a way of relaxing at home, providing comfort like spa due to Tahseen Ismat Tahseen trees of Tare of India
Photo: TYMY. Foot: This is a long-term therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. Neha Ahuja - Health Care Specialist - said: "Let's start by soaking your feet. Ingredients in the water include Epsom salt, lavender or chrysanthemum and a little drop of essential oils. Foots are parts Must bear a lot of pressure and need to be cleaned carefully. Only foot soaking for 15 minutes is enough to reduce fatigue ". Photo: Istock. Relaxing bath: If there is a bathtub, you should focus on creating scents. According to Times of India, the aroma gives a peaceful and quiet feeling. Huong commissions, flaws are suggested odors
You can bathe with green tea or bath bombs. Using bath bombs will create bubbles, bringing an interesting and relaxing experience to the skin. Photo: Olegbreslavtsev.Tinh Oil: You can use essential oils as ingredients in the mortification mixture. In addition, the essential oil lamp or machine is also effective in bringing comfort. Each essential oil aroma has its own effects. Huong lavender soothes the body. Orange flavor helps improve mood. Mint causes reduced stress and Huong Thao helps the body less fatigue. Photo: Times of India. Dry: This is a form of massage to help skin smoother. Beauty expert Jashmi Waghela also advises you to try this home. "Brush dry your body according to the circular motion to die skin. The dry bottle also helps to increase blood flow, clean the lymphatic system. You should start from the feet and move gradually". Photo: Maed. Death skin: You can exfoliate at home with specialized coffee bubs or exfoliated shower salts. With coffee grounds, you need to add a bit of sugar, lemon juice to create a mortification mixture. It helps reduce cellulite, whiten skin. In addition, honey mixes, sugar, lemon can also be used to do this. Photo: MediHealth.Massage Oil skin: Abhyanga is a traditional therapy, done by massaging the entire body with a special herbal oil. This oil is made of saffron, almond oil, lavender oil. Special oil mixture eliminates toxins, cleaning, moisturizing the skin. In addition, it also brings deep relaxation to the body and helps the mind comfortably. Photo: Aruyways. Use the mask: This is a lot of loved skin care. Korean stars also use regular masks. Cost for skin beauty with a fairly cheap mask. Photo: Brydie.

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