Self-tilting Entertainment Screen To Avoid Glare

Mercedes had a new creation to pass Tesla on how to use the entertainment screen on the automotive.02: 00/1: 28 large southern touch screen in the car was a standard equipped, and To compete, car manufacturers are forced to make a difference with their screens. The Verge page argues that it is why Mercedes recently thought of a new screen design. The central screen of the car will not be in a traditional position that is lifted up, putting into the middle position, close Hands. In addition, the screen is also capable of tilting self-tilting to avoid glare or sunlight on the driver

. This 11.9-inch touch screen will be fitted on Amg SL Roadster. The new center, the clock table of the car also has a difference
This is also a 12.3-inch screen but is designed deeply in the clock clock than usual. And Mercedes said the effect of this is also to fight glare. If compared to Tesla, take a large screen like a tablet to the car, the design of Mercedes has a difference. However, using a large screen also brings other challenges, which is software. Many automobile manufacturers in the world have come to cooperating with technology firms like Ford combined with Google to put more Function on the car. This situation is similar to the mobile phone market, when manufacturers have created hardware enough strength, they will have to rely on software developers to make their phones more work. Mercedes's design, many users are questioning whether the screen of the German car company mounted in that position is certainly not when the car has just moved quickly, the screen can move itself. Linhtheo Theverge

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