Selfie Photo Shoots The Right Moment Of Three Sisters Hit By Lightning In England

Three sisters Rachel, Isobel and Andrew Jobson resided to rain under trees in the heavy rain on July 12 at Surrey County, England. As soon as they withdraw selfie camera phones, all three lightning danh.0: 00/1: domain 30Nu NamKhoanh was carved capture camera, according BBC.Co eldest sister Rachel said all three were riding to their home goods in Epsom town, Surrey County. During a break under the canopy, the three decided to take a few photos before continuing the journey

. Selfie's Photo Selfie shot the right third moment of lightning. Photo: BBC. "The picture was taken at about 17h05," said her two ISobel
"After I took a picture of all three laughing, we wanted a sad image in the rain. Suddenly, I found myself lying on the ground, didn't hear anything but a hissing sound. My right hand was numb and couldn't move. "" I feel like being cut off, "Rachel added. "I and my sister are screaming. I felt burns in thighs and stomach. Both my friends and sisters were full of lightning. I no longer felt my hand. "Three sisters were injured, but the youngest Andrew's younger brother was severely stunned. Passing people help them stand up, before the medical staff takes them to St
Hospital. George in London.Ba Jobson's sisters in the hospital. Photo: BBC. It's likely to the titanium in IsoBel's hand, the cause of the three sisters to be struck by lightning. Isobel must put this titanium surgery after a bicycle accident in 2020. "My sister's arm is very hot due to the titanium," Rachel said. "Everyone is amazed at what happened to us." Sisters have not decided or not decided on weekends with a bicycle. "I still feel a little stunned, and my sister's wrist is still quite painful," Rachel said.

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