Selling ‘huong Countryside’ Put In The Net Bag, Urban People To Smell It

Appearing in the fairy tale of bran, is a familiar result in Vietnamese village, but now it has been over and then the times only sells a few thousand dongs, now this fruit type has been bought with extremely expensive prices. Red, becoming a cheek gift.0: 00/4: 22 Noudoms Year of the year at the end of the summer, the receiver is the season of ripe golden fruits. Round-shaped picture, when not yet green. But when nine, it is yellow, succulent, typical aroma and often divided into 6-8 zones

. This plant is grown a lot in the northern provinces and purchased by consumers to display in the room for fragrance rarely when eating. For the generation of 8x, the 9X head lives in rural areas is probably no stranger to these Small fruit with fist, yellow nursery, smooth stretch. Although many people believe that eating fruits are not delicious because of a little sweetness, interrupts acrid, but they have a fragrance, so people often buy marketing to burn incense for fragrance or play is the main market
In the net bag for ease of aroma. Photo: Internet in Hanoi, towns where fruits are rare, quite rare. In addition to the market, small size with a plum size is sold for VND 3,500-6,000 / fruit, a big type of hand holding a hand holding VND 10,000-15,000 / fruit. It is noted, to serve the rich people , some places also sell set marketing in the fox basket for 150,000 VND / set, marketing in the rattan basket is sold for 200,000 VND / set. Each set of this market has 5-10 fruits depending on the type. It is packed into a gift, favored by sisters. Photo: Internet This point, despite being in the middle of the summer with the sun like the fire, but the wax is nine points. So, about half a month, Ms. Lien started gathering the wax from the sales terms according to the guest's order. Usually every 2-3 days she pays for a single or less marketing number
Early in the morning, after receiving the goods and dividing more than 300 fruits wax out small bags according to the set, Ms. Hoang Miraculously, selling fruits online in Kim Nguu (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi), showing off: "The market today is about a lot and a half of the trip on Monday, but this number is still not enough to pay for the last" . Sharing, in Hanoi for decades, the biggest tastes are absent. However, at the time of early revenue, the village still appeared much in the lane, or street rwes on the street. Most trades of marketing in fruits, also have sellers according to the weight. The early wax in Hanoi has a fairly expensive price. Photo: Internetong, she also admitted that, because it was a market in early season, rare goods, so prices were also expensive. Accordingly, if entering the market, the price is like last year, the price only fluctuates in about VND 5,000-7,000 / fruit depending on the type, and now the price of up to VND 15,000 / fruit still "burnt goods" only to smell Fragrant, few people eat so guests only buy 5-10 fruits. From Monday until now, she sold 500 wax fruits, she revealed. However, according to Ms. Lien, the number of customers who bought from the morning to now are more terrible. Less than a day when the amount of wax market has reached nearly 600 fruits. "People ordered a lot because they wanted to have a scented scent on the first 6-year-old mosquito. Therefore, guests are massive. I am afraid to gather enough market so I have not received any more guest applications, "she said. Dao Thi Bich, the clue selling agricultural products online in Dinh Cong (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) also acknowledges, despite the price The season is quite expensive but she still has massively ordered. One week, she gathered from all kinds of towns in Hanoi, Nam Dinh, ... still not enough for sale. As last week, she gathered to sell more than 1,000 fruits. This week has a day of 1/6 lunar calendar, it is expected that the market is expected to sell about 1,500 fruits. "Guests must put at least 5 fruits to receive the application to conveniently ship. However, most guests set 10-15 fruits ". She said and said, this at the beginning of the season, the rare gold market is quite rare, so it is normal for nine cakes - Half-half-green half-green, buyers to 1-2 days later will be nine named, sweet Asphalt and also to be longer. The fruit is quite common in Vietnamese countryside but is rare in Ha Thanh. Photo: Internet does not indicate beautiful and fragrant, according to folk experience, with a circular market, when the ripe is ripened, only shining for soft shells can be eaten. In Dong Y, Thi was made of medicine to cure diseases such as: hot fever, poisoning, vomiting, rash, sores, allergies, pimples, constipation, full of belly ... is the generation 9x, unknown about This kind of fruit but Mr. Duong Lan Anh, office staff, quite excited to get a boyfriend a market basket. Ms. Lan Anh confided: "I only know and heard about the fruit through the bran story, now to breathe the aroma. This fruit is true to cause trust, aroma as an essential oil that works to calm, reduce stress and relax "Ngoc Anh (T / H)

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