Selling Out Of The Talent, Poor Father Still Does Not Worry Enough For The Healing Child

Despite selling all the properties, the family still does not worry about the cost of treating bone cancer for the city. COVID-19 translation, the more difficult to rise to the bottom of the bumper of the phone. ) Causible. Borthy, if you don't have a poverty bone cancer, this time the small boy has been able to enter the last year at Tan My Secondary School (Tan My commune, Chiem Hoa district, Tuyen Quang province). It took one side of the legs because the drama cancer begins the end of the first semester of the school year 2020 - 2021, the same friends to join the school's extracurricular labor before the Tet holiday

. Judging, the boy banging his feet into the iron car to carry the workers. The impact causes my legs to be swollen. Of the city, Mr
Quan Van Nong takes you to Hung Vuong General Hospital (Phu Tho). Through some tests, the doctor suspects the serious disease. In fact, hitting foot into the iron car is only the time, while the tumor has grown in his leg bone for a long time.Anh Nong tried to hold a little hope by bringing her to Bach Mai Hospital to check again, But the results still have nothing to change. Even Bach Mai hospital doctors also advised him to let the foot cutting surgery to keep their lives. The children were too small before the disabled future, the father suffering, hesitating for months. Only when the means of treating oriental do not bring the results, even causing the disease worse, he took me to Tan Trieu Hospital (Hanoi). The body does not want to be cut. Thinking about scenes to prevent crutches, I'm scary. Then, when the tumor devastated from inside the body, the pain made me unable to continue to endure anymore, asking for my father to do surgery
On August 16, 2021, doctors proceeded Left foot cutting surgery for the city. Successful operations So far, I still have not been able to recover for chemicals due to translation from the incision to flow into a lot. Buffalo and goats are not enough to treat the long-term treatment according to the healing child. Mr. Quan Van Nong was exhausted. Because the Gia Tai of the British house, only buffaloes and goats have sold in exchange for VND 40 million for the surgery. Capital is the ethnic group, the land is not very valuable, selling all the livestock, his wife and children in the countryside has nothing to cultivate, face hunger. No such, Translation Covid-19 appeared, he did not It can manage anymore because everyone is difficult, it is impossible to work due to the effects of epidemics. In bed, sadly think of scenes of friends who are going to school, playing fun. The disease robbed his innocent childhood, waiting for the lives of the child's life is still as long as the age of lives. The pitiful scene of Tien Thanh is very need to be helped by the community in the wallet Shallow sighed as she found himself only a few coins, enough to buy bread for children to eat. As a father without worrying for children, he felt helpless, unconscious tears rolled long on the cheeks of suffering. To the circumstances of two father and son, the doctor treated directly to the share: "the circumstances of The family is very stable, I still have hope to live but because there is no money, the father doesn't know how to save me. We hope the community can join hands, help me ".

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