Selling Techgenius Technology Initiative Contest: The Competition Of 34 Best Projects

After months of completing the product, 34 teams have officially have a talented screen at the online semi-finals of the 'Tech Genius Technology Initiative' by leopard in collaboration with RMIT University Choose the Top 10 to the finals. Enjoy the 'sweet fruits' from the creative playground at the contest, the candidates can freely propose and create the most "daring" ideas. Therefore, the semi-finals also become more dramatic than ever when there are 34 different and equally impressive ideas meet. The teams must undergo a work process, coordinate with each other to Over 2 challenges: Make a video description, test your products and then attend a direct argument with the jury board. This request does not create opportunities for you to be possible Currently I am passionate about my technology but also to go to the end of that passion through the effort to work seriously and professionally

. The test of TDN2023 team at the online semifinals "Techgenius Technology Initiative". You Nguyen Dai Vu (Head of TDN2023, Team of IT Category - Software Solutions) Share: "To speak the most about the group's project, I would like to use 4 words: protect the environment. What we want to go to is to rescue the world from being polluted light - one of the less interested environmental problems
And we also provide a measure to resolve this situation: luminescent plants. Vision is gradually replacing electric lights with luminescent plants to minimize the contamination of light. Can not directly meet, exchange work in the epidemic season is a small challenge for the team when participating in the team exam. But also thanks to that people were first tested as an online research topic ". The idea of the team teams made the BGK unexpectedly unexpectedly. One of the outstanding initiatives in Engineering category (Solution Engineering) is a computer visualization and learning integration device to support traffic participants in avoiding accidents and complying with signs and main traffic signals implemented by the Group The Invincibles. British (team leader) Sharing: "The most unforgettable experience for the team is the process of developing ideas for products. In a period of more than 5 months, the group has set up a lot of product ideas with the aim of wanting to solve traffic safety and even spent a long time to focus on trying to try. Testing those ideas in practice. However, with the desire that the product that the team created must really be valuable in terms of apps, moderately in which the latest technologies, the group did not hesitate to "throw away '' The unfinished idea is not good to focus on developing a more breakthrough product "
'' Nursery '' technology of Zhou's generation is just a competition, Tech Genius technology initiative is also interesting experiences , Bringing special emotions for teams and teachers counseling the journey throughout the journey. Many projects are almost completed and can go into efficient operation, Nguyen Le Thien Phuc (Head of PTNK_BTP ) Share: '' Through the competition, I learned other groups from the idea and perfection products to the presentation skills, everyone works in a professional way and the products are very solid. The judges are extremely friendly and gives a lot of advice as well as suggestions after the FAQ so that it can improve its products further in the future. If there is a season II, I will recommend you Franced friends and juniors are under participating. After 7 months of participating in the program with Workshops and witnessed products and the organizers' professional organization, I believe that your friends will also have genuine oyster experiences and learn a lot from the word This exam. Students give ideas but also plan and implement it. In addition, BTC also encourages Mentor to help teams to help you and your teachers will have attached to each other. Revealed, together to enter the final match full of upcoming attractive challenges! 10 The best exam team contest "Techgenius Technology Initiative" has revealed! ItanonymouSDN2023MEOIRehdkrm itaneringthe InvincipleswikiHib6_PnnEnEdeWikiHib6_PnneEdtwp TeamHiB6_PnnEED Moneywp Teamtop 10 will continue Customizing the product to present the project at the online finals takes place at 9:00 on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at (note: Remember to register to receive Be linked to the finals). Wait and watch!

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