Sending A Mother, Vu Lan Day Hanoi

This Vu Lan Covid-19, Hanoi stretches a way to social two more weeks. We are still safe, healthy ... 0: 00/4: 54 Southern Southwives, Mother keeps the home to wait for you to call the Facebook video from the poor, when the dinner newsletter on television has just finished

. Last time, she was also the first to call the youngest son "quietly stretched" in the heart of Hanoi. The 70th mother also "sensitive" real, the news "Hanoi banned everyone to the road In 7 days "to" scan "Mother's virus also knows, then investigating. But not mothers, there is no prohibition, all the crap as before we threaten the child to have a friend
Mother's homosexuals sent to children in Hanoi, are the rhythm of ways like a last month, only those who have a necessity, urgently, subject to regulations. I said this as my mother understands, the third and young man is less than 2km apart but 30 days last is separated from each other. I like to play with you, I want to go to you to eat meals and vice versa but also. They all met through "the touch of" mother. Mother of the old age, planted a spinach, vegetables with a bit of a little bit, the melon, turmeric, ginger stunned like the farm. Mother at home uses or sells for sale to buy salt fish sauce, but every time or the news of Hanoi relaxes how to make a vegetable packaging, little dried fish, scales of pork ... Mother is afraid of supermarkets Goods, markets without vegetables? Without that mom, Hanoi hasn't missed anything, just (like a child) without money to buy mom. Then I know excess, I want to send the "relief" to the children to eat clean clothes, countryside
It is true that vegetables, dried fish, eggs "growers" when cooking up the view of the country, eating very much mothers. But relaxing the way, passenger cars from where Mom river mountain mountain house out of Hanoi, didn't run anymore. Mom kept there, when she was normal again, I was about to wait for my mother, no matter what ... I want to go away. Lan this year by Covid-19, many provincial people in Hanoi as well as cities Big can not return to the common possession, Hanoi stretches the way, she doesn't worry about the lack of food food. We do online, on the computer mother. I play in the house, there are many toys to bring out for you to play against you, discover. Until now cook, if you go to the kitchen, your wife plays with me, just ... Change ca. The life rhythm of the season is also familiar with the last days, I saw the neighbors also added and shared together. Before thinking to live in the capital, any house knows that the house is installed, greeting the social thoughts also want to leave the street to her hometown. But the way of relaxing creates a sticky thing, it is also a booty in the Covid-19 season right? Well this, I haven't said anything, I haven't said anything: "Who told me to go back to ... Eyes. Best where are it in bed for your mother thanks. The first night she screwed her mother and she sent her house and left with his house. " In fact, he was intended to tell his grandmother who didn't go back to his grandmother, he could not be with his mother to the temple to drop the flower lights posted at the Vu Lan season as the years ago by translation of Covid-19. Everything is disturbed, but the epidemic is complicated, how can I get my mother. Well, "trafficking" the story of you in Saigon! Yesterday I just called him, currently at home in Thu Duc. He said it was fine, this Vu Lan could not come home, have a vaccine of the Covid-19 room, stable health, food as well as this child, without missing. One is to go to buy, two are the government - Local mass organizations supported, three are the people of the people of the country sent to Saigon now have been volunteers who bring each street, households and inns. In the dream, sometimes the child I found myself a boy's boy with a moment who was not urgent to stay in the room. He said he also said there was no intention of gapping more than two thousand kilometers by motorbike to go to his mother. He said he was not afraid of far away, not enough, but he was afraid to disturb his village. He was confused, unfortunately covid-19, did the neighborhood to avoid him like to avoid leprosy? Come here, I still remember like printing 4th grade, when my cheeks were swollen because of mumps, many schools to school You run like a chase, your parents also tell them to approach. Perhaps these small memories have become a soul scar I don't want to repeat, because he told the most fear of loneliness! People in quarantine and blockade are not afraid of lack of food and food . (Photo: Hai An) Mom, he also said many times to see his mother's incoming call but did not dare to listen to the phone, or listened only to say very fast, actively troubled the machine first. The status of his mind, coaxing, he said he said: Mother's enemies are anxious. Being afraid of chemotherapy times, when she passes the door to the door to now like unprecedented serious diseases, will like The castle was built on the sand if he was a great mother. So please cheer up. Ignored Covid-19, it only made her mother and how many families disrespect about geographic space. Energy way ... I found sadness like frost on the breast leaves in front of my house Night of the full moon of the ceremony

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