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After breaking up, everything crumbled in front of her eyes, we cut off the contact. Even so I still tried to remember, I'm angry with me, I'm blaming myself, ... because I still love you

. He quietly turned his back, leaving me behind still sobbing, still standing there immobile, tears constantly flushed. What do we break up? It was forever that he was secret. Yet I always miss you, trying to wait for a person's return
Try to find a hopeless answer. I have never forgotten the memories with you, even a little bit. After breaking up, everything crumbled in front of her eyes, we cut off the contact. I'm like a stupid daughter, picking up the debris of memories, cherishing in my heart. I still went to the places we used to pass, listening to old old music, the foot of quietly on long ways and sobbing sobbing. Before he used to be with her life, so Why do you hurrly turn away? It is because of these wishes that I still have nostalgia in my heart, because there are things that can't be done so I don't give you to leave. Is the promise so easy? Saying to throw it out that it can be discarded as unprecedented? I hide the pain with a wry smile, with flashes of flashes that always print the shadow. I can't walk, I can't open my heart with anyone else. I fell in myself from being weak, but how did it be when nostalgic in my heart? The image he was still intact in his heart .
. Between billions of life on the earth, walking one step, we lost each other. I still stood here, but I went very far. Do you love you? At the present or it was time, I wanted to hear that answer. Or do you think you're a strong person, so you can easily turn your heels? My heart also knows pain, also needs to be loved. Is it happiness that is too luxury on this life.Tay you let go but my heart still tries to remember, I am angry, I'm blaming myself, ... because I still love you. If you are more powerful, the price is like you are brave enough to throw away, I don't hurt like this? What do you have to do now? What do you have to do to get used to a person who has made me hurt? Thu Hien

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