September 11 Is Coming, But The Us 9/11 Era Has Ended

Certainly painful memories of 20 years nonsense in Afghanistan will haunt Americans for a long time of 92/5: 51 Southweou the South Two decade ago, an era began when the aircraft were hijacked Controlling was crashed into American skyscrapers. That ruin ended this week with the image of desperate Afghanistan who cling to the US aircraft, trying to escape the chaos in Kabul. One person was killed in the landing department. The US water brought Afghanistan forces, money and diplomatic efforts to defeat the idea of establishing an Afghan Islamic Emirate. During the four presidents, more than 2,400 Americans sacrificed life on Afghan land and more than $ 1,000 billion were spent on the war

. The end of the week, the Efforts of the United States failed comprehensively with the Statement of War Win of the Taliban, according to New York Times. With the increase in China's strength, the priorities of the United States have changed. The relative strength of the world's power is unlike 20 years ago
There is no cold war, Americans are not very salty with military campaigns in remote areas. Afghan people wait outside Hamid Karzai International Airport. Photo: Reuters. Concerns "As President, I resolutely that we have to focus on today's threats, in 2021, not yesterday threats," said US President Joe Biden announced on August 16, to protect the decision to withdrew from America from Afghanistan. "The US military couldn't, should not fight and sacrifice in a war that Afghan forces are not even ready to fight for themselves, "Biden said.Lakhdar Brahimi, Algerian diplomat used to be the United Nations special representative about Afghanistan and Iraq, said:" For decades, Afghanistan is the victim of those who think they are doing Good thing. There is no time suitable for America to leave. All times are good or bad the same ". In 2021, most Americans want to leave Afghanistan and prioritize domestic development. This country has achieved the original statement goal:" defeatism terrorism"
It is true that organizations in the form like Al Qaeda are almost defeated in the past two decades, but the political Islam is still remained by the Taliban in Afghanistan. A Afghan girl waiting at Fiumicino airport, Italy. Photo: Reuters. Written on New York Times that we still have to wait to see if a Taliban is honored by diplomatic experience can ease the worries of people and other countries or other countries. And the question of whether they prevent Afghanistan from becoming a fertile land for conspiracy to cause instability or non-collapse of the Afghan administration, women and middle-class middle class feels betrayed. The debate about whether the United States should maintain a modest military presence to prevent the Taliban from taking power soon broke out. Only a few days ago, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani thought he was still two weeks to talk Sad a transformation process organized. But in fact, there was no US support, he fell into a precarious situation and failed. President Ghani had left the country and ended every hope of a civilian government Afghanistan. The Biden president has long been skeptical about the purpose of the longest war in American history. He acted with the belief that it was difficult to have the Taliban ability to "overcome everything and own the entire country" as he said last month. Those words would definitely haunt the presidential term Mr. Biden, even if the two Democrats and the Republic have errors in this regard. The image of the US Embassy in Kabul closed and the Taliban forces took over the government buildings will also accompany the President Biden forever. "I have no doubt that this will be a huge responsibility for President Biden, despite that responsibility was caused by former Trump president, "Cameron Munter, former US Ambassador in Pakistan, said." The terrible thing is that the US government has no plans. There are almost any consultations with NATO and very little with the Afghan government. It is the failure of intelligence, logistics and plans. Finally, it was political failure, because regardless of what was because Biden was responsible, "Stephen Heintz, head of a Fund who worked on Afghanistan since 2011, said. Up a plane at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Photo: AFP. So, how Mr. Biden and the predecessor reacted to the situation in Afghanistan as the general mood of Americans. The withdrawal of troops exactly the change in the priorities of the United States, including towards power competition with China. The policy of policy York Times said that the decision to arrive in Afghanistan was opened A series of mistakes of American policy makers. The war in 2003 in Iraq was conducted based on omission intelligence that accounted for taking attention and resources

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