Serial Javelin, Usa Coming To Send Air Defense Rocket Stinger For Ukraine?

Stinger antiaircraft missiles could be the next weapon US military aid to Ukraine, following an anti-tank missile when aid Javelin.Sau Javelin antitank missiles and troops on the battlefield use Ukraine Donbass , US likely going to provide Stinger antiaircraft missiles both allies Kiev.Tap Forbes said, the rumors of a Russian military action against Ukraine are spread across multiple media the Tay.Trong his analysis, American military observers David Ax - editor of Forbes magazine columnist has evaluated the ability of combat readiness of air defense missile systems Ukraine and launched the pathetic argument vong.Ong Ax called the air defense system of Ukraine is ground "corny" and doubt the ability to repel a force of our modern aviation: "This is a big problem for the Army Ukraine team "Ax

.Chuyen recall that in Kiev inherited a significant amount of surface-to-air missile from the Soviet Union "But 30 years later, we still are the foundation of fire protection grid sky Ukraine" Army weapons .Kho Ukraine includes some anti-aircraft missile system S-300V range, 6 air defense system of their short-range Tor and about 75 complexes Strela-10, Osa-AKM with Tunguska.Ben addition, some units are equipped with air defense systems Igla shoulder and ZU-23 anti-aircraft artillery, as well as high radiation self-23-4
Khong zsu Ukrainian troops are also air defense system of its own, including S-300P combination, as well as Buk-M1 and some combination of short-range S-125 Neva / Pechora.Tuy arsenal course can modernize, expert David Ax noted, Ukraine plans to increase military service duration of the air defense system by modernizing and putting back the payroll combinations were decommissioned before do.Ngoai out, Ukraine is trying to modernize the radar, because of the air defense system with the outdated radar can not "see" targets flying. But the reality is not old missiles combined with new radar will take effect before the current fighters dai.Nhan clear understanding of your problems, Kiev seeking help from Washington. As noted by experts David Ax, Ukraine wants to get the system's Patriot air defense missile My.Tuy course, the columnist for Forbes believes, with "urgent needs" of the Ukrainian Army, US should focus on providing a combination of non-Kiev small and easier to use, such as missiles FIM-92 shoulder Stinger.Ong David Ax stressed: "the FIM-92 Stinger combination may be directed to Ukraine in the near future. " According to reviews, this weapon will help complement Igla MANPADS numbers are declining in number and quality, while Kiev may not soon produce moi.Theo reviews Alexei Leonkov - Commercial Director Magazine even Arsenals of the Fatherland, Stinger missiles could pose a serious threat to all kinds of armed helicopters such as the Mi-28 and Ka-52, even enough to shoot down the attack Su-25 and machine frontline bomber Su-24/34 as they Flanker fighters, this is what Russia needed especially tam
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