‘serial’ With Painter Nguyen Tien Ngoc

Following the 'nostalgia' exhibition, from December 2 to December 11, at the exhibition houses 16 Ngo Quyen (Hanoi), Painter Nguyen Tien Ngoc will hold an exhibition with the theme 'serial'. The exhibition of the new set of works on worship in the Vietnamese folk culture is divided into two parts. In that, Part 1 introduces the works that show traditional cultural beauty through worship rituals Expressing the gratitude for people with meritorious services to the village, the consciousness to preserve the rules, margins, solidarity consciousness, attempt to join the community with objects like stone dogs, arts like incense, flowers, fruits, fruits, shows ..

. part 2 with the Buddhist philosophy "irritation, no identity" Introduction of works on originality is the end, the life of human reincarnation With the endlessness of the universe and the time.hminh

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