Series Of Skin Care Formulas From Red Bean Flour For You Pink White Skin, Smooth

Red bean flour can not only cause skin whitening, acne treatment but also effective anti-aging effects.00: 00/2: 24 years of this period is more reasonable when women do not come into contact with The outdoor sunshine is much in cold, no longer has a long-term situation. But it's not so I love skin care, the moment this skin will have the most problems. There are countless natural beauty ways, one of the natural beauty ingredients that few sisters pay attention to have extremely effective use, which is red beans. Red beans

. Antioxidants, iron, fiber, vitamin C, E, B1, B6 ..
can prevent the formation of free radicals in the body, helping the skin bright, evenly colored and stretched. It is also possible to reduce the risk of sun by sun. This material can be used for exfoliation, white bath. When a white bath with red bean flour, your skin will have a natural pink whiteness, not the white style. White bath with red bean flour, I should choose to buy a red bean (big seed or baby particles ) has been cleaned. Or you can wash with the water several times and choose the beautiful seeds, shadows, take a 1-day sun exposure to dry, crispy. Let go smoothly remove the closed or sealed plastic bag and then use it. - Day 1: You mix all raw materials: bean flour, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 tablespoons of fresh milk without sugar, 1/2 lemon juice for formation Mixed viscous. Apply evenly to the skin, massage the skin lightly and wait 20 minutes to bathe with water (do not use shower gel). After the bath is finished, if you don't have redness, you can continue to bathe with red beans on the second day 2
- Date 2: Perform the same day. Give the feeling of red irritation. - Day 3: Steam steam pouring fresh milk to the stone tray and for east. Dam stamping 5-6 branches of lemongrass and boiled in large water pots, adding white salt and small fire for 5 minutes. Breaking out for 10-15 minutes, not so long. Wash your face, take ice with fresh milk, wrapped into a thin cloth and applied evenly to face. - Day 4: Pepperpowder White eggs, fresh milk without sugar mixing all ingredients and face 20 minutes Can wash facial skin. Maintain within a few weeks, you will get unexpected results. Note: - Need to apply sunscreen daily (if you have to go out or the sky is sunny) Combine makeup and nourishing. - After the skin lights up, reduce the amount of lemon juice. - Can give mask mixture to the refrigerator 5-10 minutes before applying to cool red beans.

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