Series Of Tinh Tinh Binh’s Tank Runner Tra My And Husband Giants

Tra My runner boarded flowers in 2016 with Le Hoan businessman, greater than she was 13 years old. Up to now, the love of the beauty of the beauty is still salty. Tea My won the title of runner-up 1 Miss Universe Vietnam in 2015. In 2016, she boarded the flower car. Mr

. Tra My runner-up commune is Le Hoan businessman, greater than she is 13 years old. After married, Tra My runner rarely appears at entertainment events. She focused on taking care of her husband
My My is spoiled by her husband. She used to "lamented" her husband to catch a brand-name bag every day, pressing a diamond ring, not driving himself because there must be a private driver to pick up. On the occasion of October 20, Valentine or Halloween, Mr. Tra My commune spent time to bring his wife and children to eat.5 years of marriage, Tra My couple remained salty as new dating. Both often give each other sweet gestures anytime, everywhere. I have a life of life after getting married. Besides family care time, the runner-up runner-up of the commune runs the business. Of Tea My 5 years old, it looks extremely beautiful. The runner-up plans to give birth to the second child when his daughter inputs in class 1
See the video "Do Thi Ha moment to cry when crowned Miss Vietnam". Source of Newsthu Chrysanthemum VTV

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