Service Of Statement Fees, Each Bank Collected 1 Price

Depending on the bank's regulations there will be different statement fees. Account holders can statement online to save costs. But customers can also direct statement by the bank with fee applies dung.0: 00/2: domain 01Nu NamThong Typically, service fees in the bank statement is usually collected by page number, each bank Specifying a different fee. Statistics of the account of singer Thuy Tien at Vietcombank

. As a term as Agribank regulates the printed printing fee in Vietnamese from 20,000 - 50,000 VND / first version, an additional VND 10,000 / copy next. With customers who want to print statements in English, the star fee will be from 50,000 - 100,000 VND / first copy, an additional 20,000 VND / Next copy. In VietinBank, the printing fee is more than "soft", only 2,000 VND / Page, but at least 10,000 VND / time
In BIDV is VND 3,000 / page, a minimum of VND 10,000 / time. In Vietcombank, where you have just made a statement for customers Tran Thi Thuy Tien (singer Thuy Tien) with a quantity of up to 18,000 pages, the fee Statement is applied to VND 5,000 / page, or under the minimum agreement of VND 30,000 / time if printing statements of transactions arising in 12 months from the date of request; Statement of transactions arising over 12 months Minimum VND 50,000 / time. With a volume of statement up to 18,000 pages of paper for Thuy Tien, it is difficult to apply a minimum fee agreement for 1 statement. in Sacombank , service charge statement is banking application is VND20,000 / vouchers for documents generated within 1 month, 50,000 / vouchers for documents generated over 1 month to 1 year, and 100,000 / voucher for 1 vouchers arising on Nam.Trong Meanwhile, Techcombank application fee statement printing 50,000 / original statement for Vietnamese, 10,000 for each subsequent. If the customer requested a copy of the English version, the fee was up to 100,000 VND / first and 50,000 VND with each other. With TPBank, the statement fees are divided into two levels, 20,000 VND / copy for statements Transactions arise 1 year or less; 50,000 VND / copy for transactions arising over 1 year. In addition, TPBank charges VND 50,000 for a confirmation of customer account balance (both Vietnamese and English) .PV

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