Several Tens Of Millions Of Weight, What Kind Of Mushroom Is Nutritious That The Rich ‘hunt’?

Matsutake (from 'pine mushrooms') is particularly appreciated in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and North American dishes because of the characteristic fragrance.0: 00/2: 51 South Korea special Favorite this fungus due to rare, unique flavors, affordable aroma such as cinnamon and healthy health. Matsutake is the third expensive mushroom in the world after Yartsa Gunbu (USD 50,000 / 500 grams) and European White Truffles (1500-4500 USD / 500 grams). But why is Matsutake as expensive? Matsutake is very expensive due to its rarity and difficulty planting. They grow in the roots of red pine forests that are deeply threatened and are narrowed quickly

. Matsutake is also harvested once a year and is very sensitive to the weather change. Matsutake is quite difficult to find (almost always hidden in a foliage layer) that makes the price increase dizzying. Another reason for Matsutake is the third expensive fungus because Japan's available fungus has fallen sharply over the past 50 years by bursaphelenchus cylophilus worms
The annual plan of Matsutake mushrooms in Japan Exceeding 1000 tons per year, so a single Matsutake mushroom can cost up to 100 USD and the price can be up to more than 2000 USD / kg. Interestingly, Matsutake fungus was also grown in the US, Canada, China and South Korea, however, Japanese people suggest that the mushrooms are not the same as real Matsutake mushrooms grown in red pine forest in Japan. Matsutake Only develop in certain weather conditions. The daytime temperature must not exceed 26 ° C and the night temperature cannot be below 15 ° C. In addition, the mushroom carpet needs a rainfall over 100mm within 20 days to germinate. Matsutake is usually sold in 3 weeks at the end of September and early October. If there are more rain, mushrooms start germinating at the end of August. Because this fungus is very sensitive to the weather and transportation changes, should 2 -3 days after picking should be consumed. All of this contributes to the high mushroom prices and make it the third worldly mushroom.Matsutake is a delicious, smelled and unique mushroom, can eat live
It has elastic structure, fatty taste, fragrant complexes and smells like pine. It combines the smell of spices (cinnamon), fruits (pears, apples) and the bitter bitterness of the resin, so it is extremely appreciated by gourmet. This mushroom type needs an approach Especially because of strong heat treatment (such as drying and frozen), they will lose delicate flavors and unique fragrance like cinnamon. Matsutake is often used as a dish attached. In traditional Japanese restaurants, this is a rice dish with pomegranated chicken and Matsutake mushrooms. Matsutake mushrooms are often added to soups, as well as salads and meat dishes. They are cooked with rice and chicken or fish. Matsutake can also be dried and soaked, but it's not very popular. Sometimes, Matsutake is eating alive to preserve its special taste. According to Huy Nguyen / Dan Viet

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