Sex After Age 50 Becomes Great Thanks To The Reason

Sex after age 50? Some health professionals will say that it is a downhill journey of weakened sexual desire and hormones exhausted.0: 00/3: 37nam Southern education after age 50 can be more complete but, in real Mediterranean, many people after 50 years old have sexual life like or even more than young, by countless positive reasons. Irwin Goldstein, Director of San Diego San Diego Clinic Alvarado Institute (USA) said: "You are not bothered by menstruation. You are not bothered by the children in the house. You can have sex in any room in the house

. You can have life The most amazing sex on Earth ". Removal of uninterested pregnancy worries in the age of 40 may be excellent, but you still have to cook lunch to get a fear, manage your career and try Attempting to avoid pregnancy. Margaret E
Wierman Biology and Biological Medicine Center of the University of Colorado University of Health Sciences in Denver (USA) said: "40 - 50 years old is still a time worrying I Many women because you can still become pregnant. Once you menopausal, that worries will no longer have it ". Think about it - don't need to use sanitary pads, pads, pills, membrane, poisoning or condoms (if you have one Long-term faithful partner) - You can "wholeheartedly" with sex. Not too entangled because of children when you are 50 years old, your child is too big to interrupt anyle of you Or wake you at midnight.Amanda Richards - Associate Professor specialized in Miami University's Miller Medical School (USA) said: "Time is a very important factor. Children are more independent and spouses have more time for themselves and their relationships. "The declining factor is not an ominous thing" menopause is a very remarkable time for Most women, many of them realize that they forget their sex for too long, and if they don't use it, they will lose it a nice way. "- Dr. Richards analyzed. Dr
Wierman, there are some data that shows that women become less inhibited when they get older, so that is usually the time they relax and relax with their own people, which Time has the function of improving sexual function and sexual activity. Experts say that hormonal decline means you will be less likely to sex, but that doesn't necessarily take place so. According to Dr. Richards, desires, once extinguished by birth control pills, can revive. And if desires are a problem, the adjustment of appropriate hormones can help. Although long-term use of materialsFrench traditional hormone replacement, including estrogen and progestin, is no longer encouraged by heart and health risks, there are still other options. Richards said Hormone therapy including testosterone is being examined Break as a way to promote sexual desire. Reduce the pressure of life and money life after age 50: Now is the time to reap the real benefits after years of struggling with life: you can Have sex wherever you want in your installment house and you can do it in expensive, charming underwear, if you want. Richards will tell the older women tend Excessive direction to spend on dining dates and romantic outing compared to the years young. "You have worked hard; Now is the time to spend a bit for your love life "- Dr. Richards confirmed. In the age of 50, you can still be stressed, but it will be stressful with work as aged 20, 30 or 40. Dr. Richards said: "Menopausal women may have been in a stable career stage and therefore, feel less stressful. Stress has a very negative influence on sexual desire ". New experiences are hormonal changes in middle age that can lead to dry vagina. But this can be an excuse for testing and Discover new, more interesting experiences, such as using lubricants that you can buy easily at pharmacy near your home. "Dry vaginal after menopause can encourage women to test with substances Vaginal lubrication is designed to promote vasodilators and thus increase pleasure "- Dr. Richards said. See more videos are interested in:

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