Seychelles Eden Garden Between Indian Ocean

Seychelles was likened to a 'priest "of humanity, because this land owned beautiful scenic spots and extremely romantic natural landscapes. Besides, Seychelles also has a diverse culture of many peoples. It was the mixing between Western cultures, Africa and India made Seychelles to become a tourist country that many people dreamed of being set to 9: 00/4: 55 nam nuoc namQuzu Seychelles dreamy. Seychelles Island is one of the first countries to welcome vaccination tourists. In the latest update, Nation island notifies visitors as long as a negative test within 72 hours before going

. Visitors are not required to quarantine, but there must be tourism insurance and reservations at licensed establishments. Seychelles Islands regulate travelers from Nepal, India, Brazil, Pakistan or Bangladesh, which are also isolated in 10 days regardless of whether or not. The island has no residents of the Sealychelles located in the Indian Ocean, African
Seychelles history is associated with the appearance of the Portuguese. The Portuguese adventurer Vasco da Gama was the first European saw Seychelles. In the early years of the century of the XVI, France occupied this archipelago. The name of the archipelago was later named after the financial minister of King Louis XV-Jean Moreau de Séchelles. In 1974 with France, he also invaded some islands of Seychelles. It happened for disputes and negotiations, eventually Seychelles as his ownership territory. After years of struggle, Seychelles won independence in 1976 and became a member of the British Union of Union. Official name: Republic of Seychelles. From an independent statement, Seychelles has grown from an agricultural country to a diversified market economy. The Government encourages foreign investment to upgrade economic sectors
Currently, Seychelles has the highest GDP in Africa. This is also one of the few African countries with a high-level human development index. Seychelles islands without native populations, Seychelles are now made up of migration. The largest ethnic groups are African, French, Indian and Chinese people. French and English are the official language along with French-based Creole language. The interference between ethnic areas has mixed the diverse culture of Seychelles. Coco de Mer has a sexy shape of Seychelles island symbols. Seychelles island and charmingSychelles with three main islands, each is carrying A separate beauty. In which Mahé is the most large and largest island, there are Victorians, international airports and more than 65 poetic beaches spread over 27km in length and 8km of the width of the island. Beautiful here is made by these The natural vegetation of a giant garden with all kinds of tropical fruits. From the Victorian, the winding path led to the hill forming a spine along the length of the island, connecting the highest rainforest to Morne Seychelles National Park. Hidden in those hills is Le Jardin du roi, a wooden garden has been renovated through seven generations of a family. Inside the garden, visitors will enjoy the atmosphere of the smell of lemongrass smells, nutmens blend with the warm aroma of Ngoc Lan West and patchouli. Explore Mahé with bicycles or sitting public buses around the island is suitable. Praslin, the second largest island, has a small airport but also approaches easy wooden raft. This is the heart of the island with original jungle, one of the best preserved ecosystems in the world. World heritage is preserved in Praslin National Park - the hometown of huge coconut varieties "Coco de Mer" featured only on two islands in Seychelles. Coco de Mer has a sexy shape, just like the Third round of women and the symbol of this country. Due to the ability to cure the coconut, Coco de Mer is very expensive and preserved thoroughly. The set on the trails and bushes such as racing together, causing everyone to be in the garden Eden with giant fan-shaped trees obscuring the sun, the sound of ribs, the call of black parrots. In the northwest of the island, crescent-shaped forests hugging the beautiful sandy bank of Anse Lazio Beach, the familiar name on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world with a quiet and wild scenery like unprecedented Who set foot in. Fishing is an important activity just like traveling in Seychelles. The colorful market Sir Selwyn Clarke is the point of visiting to shop for fresh seafood. The main islands, small islands in Seychelles are also worth visiting. In which Cousin Island, an old coconut plantation has been renovated by the organization to protect birds into a diverse ecological zone specializing in tortoise conservation, hobbies and sparrows. Next is the Island of Curieuse, which is a camp for people with sickness, where there are many giant turtles Aldabra prehistoric, some of which are over 150 years old and weighs up to 400kg. After

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