Shabel Explains The Reason For So Long Before The Factor Of Unmarried Husband Violence

Sharing photos with small children, the model she explained that she was silent during the period of unmarried husbands until the date of birth, was diagnosed with a fetus. Newest here, the model sheet (real name yang Nguyen Nhien Trang, born in 1992) Submit an application to report on the public bodies to marry her unions. Police of Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi Police) have coordinated with the relevant units to be given to inspect and investigate the incident. 4/12, Facebook's personal page The image series she carried a newborn small child with the shared, explaining the reason for silence to endure the situation was beaten the long time: "Everyone always asks why you can hold a long time So? Before I saw violent women absolutely do not understand the reason. It was completely unexpected that one day himself was in the same position as they "

. The small page and little page are posted on her personal page. It is true when standing outside, people are much more reasonable. Because, unprecedented in that situation will never feel it
Want to tell a lot but chok up. Probably no longer needed. All my silence and fleeing at that time was just to wait until this day, the day that the small angel was born healthy after the event. Despite labor from 1 pm but 8 am I came to the hospital and was diagnosed with a pregnancy. After half a day struggling with the beats, herself also hesitant between living or giving birth, I finally suffered all the decision to go to the operating table. Grace, you are still good at 3.3 kg, theft ". Lower Management and Liquid Detention One year. The page has won the gold tournament of Vietnam Supermodel 2015 and winning the 2018 international supermodel competition. She also won the beauty awards such as: Hoa Travel Ha Internal 2012, Vietnam Sports Asia 2012, Vietnam Representative and the Top 25 Super National Miss 2016
Minh Anh

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