Share The Pain, Loss In Covid-19 Pandemic

Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Binh Duong province has just been solemnly organized a commemoration ceremony of compatriots and officials and soldiers who sacrifice and die in Covid-19 pandemic. This is an activity that makes the meaning of humanities in the spiritual life of the people of Vietnam.00: 00/3: 38 namtham domains attending the memorial fee of comrades: Nguyen Van Loi, Member of the Party Central Committee Binh Duong Provincial Party Committee, Head of Congress of the National Assembly of Binh Duong province, Head of the Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Binh Duong Province; Nguyen Hoang Thao, Standing Deputy Secretary of Binh Duong Province; Nguyen Van Loc, Standing Member, Head of People's Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Binh Duong Province sacrifice, death in Covid-19 pandemic. (Photo: National War) The memorial ceremony is held solemnly, briefly but full of meaning with traditional rituals: minutes of mind, burning incense, lighting candles to commemorate those who have lost because of Covid-19. The 4th Covid-19 epidemic, the whole country has more than 23,000 people, officials and soldiers who have sacrificed and died from Covid-19

. Particularly, Binh Duong province has more than 2,500 people, officials, soldiers who have sacrificed, die. At the memorialery, on behalf of the provincial leaders, the Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Binh Duong Nguyen Hoang Thao sent to Families with unfortunate relatives are infected and died in the battle against Covid-19 Pandemic Deepest condolences: "Farter, due to the requirements of prevention and control of translations that are coved -19 When died is very lonely, there are no relatives next to the last breath, unable to organize funerals for relatives and friends to compress incense, visiting, taking off, worshiping Tradition of Vietnamese people. Hundreds of children in a moment became an orphan, his wife lost her husband, descendants lost their parents, grandparents in shocked, endless pain
.. at the bottom of his heart, we would share with pain Loving, great losses have nothing to compensate. " With determination, solidarity and loving, the Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Binh Duong believes, we will definitely win the war against Pandemic Covid-19. * At St. Joseph Church, Hoa Phu Ward , Thu Dau Mot City also took place the commemoration ceremony, officials, soldiers who sacrificed, died in Covid-19 pandemic. In the dignified atmosphere, the ceremony was moving with the rituals Mini of Catholic people. About 50 priests, monks and parishioners have become glass before the Cathedral of prayer, wishes to leaders, doctors, medical staff, volunteers participating in anti-epidemic with additional courage , health, peace and wisdom to continue to save people, pray for patients who are fighting against Covid-19 with more power through the epidemic and ease the pain of someone families Death by Covid-19.Linh Covers John Baotaxita Nguyen Van Ton, Chairman of the Bin Duong Catholic Solidarity Committee, Sharing: "In the 4th epidemic, Binh Duong became the mind of epidemic in the provinces South East. Up to now, Binh Duong has more than 2,500 patients departed because of the epidemic
Memorial Covid-19 victims to remind us of a historic fighter before pandemic. People who are living, absolutely not neglected, subjective in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, to be determined, united, more agreed in the fight against this commitment ". * At Church Phu Cuong court, Thu Dau Mot, all dioceses that have been solemnly held a memorialer ceremony of more than 23,000 patients and gratitude to the leaders of the first level to participate in the prevention and control of the disease died for Covid -19. Phu Cuong Church Cathedral has rings continuously for 5 minutes to commemorate patients and gratitude to anti-epidemic participants died because of Covid-19.Linh section of Antilia, Phu Cuong parish and the parish Priests and parishioners have spent minutes to wear the reception of the victims and the same attempt to pray for more than 23,000 patients and anti-epidemic participants died for Covid-19. Here are some pictures Commodity memorial and cadres, soldiers who sacrifice, death in Covid-19 pandemic: The delegates attended the memorial ceremony on the sparkling candle to commemorate those who were lost because of Covid-19. (Photo: PV) Minutes in the remembering the remembrance of those who have lost because of Covid-19. (Photo: PV) Leaders of Binh Duong Province to offer incense ...... and light candles in Hoi An temple. (Photo: PV) Buddhists lighted memorial candles at Hoi An Pagoda. (Photo: PV) Super bridge ritual for people lost by Covid-19 at Hoi An Pagoda. (Photo: PV) Light candles of compatriots, officials, soldiers who sacrifice and die in Covid-19 pandemic at Hoi Joseph Church of Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. (Photo: PV) Catholic candles commemorating the victims. (Photo: PV) PV

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