Shark Phu: ‘in Life To Outperform This Field Must Sacrifice Some Other Things’

According to Sunhouse boss, in life, want to outperform this field to sacrifice some other things. So people who successfully resounded in their careers must sacrifice many certain things.Hyboys to create a successful of "sharks" are familiar on Shark Tank Vietnam waves. He was loved by the audience in part by the spokesman, his business commented very "substance". The audience also found Shark Phu very rarely sharing family stories, personal private life

. According to businesses and marketing, in a rare once talking about family life, Sunhouse boss confided: "Life family The more modern, the more busy services are very fast, the number of family members is smaller, and the time we give the family to gradually. Before, I'm very busy, much At the feeling of being swept away, did not pay attention to the family. The day had to go to the guests, day in the visitors, the day was busy
.. those things kept playing us, making me sometimes Wondering, what is the meaning of life? "Not only the start-up period, even if Sunhouse had a certain place in the market, I continued to suffer from other aspects of swept away. Having a stage, all weeks I went on guests, not about eating rice with my family. At the present time was not busy, getting back soon, the house was empty, the other person was the other. At that time, it was clear that she was clear that there was something wrong, lonely. However, "King Pan" argues that this is not his own problem but a story Many people have to go through, in exchange for them Public in career.Shark Nguyen Xuan Phu.In another event, Shark Nguyen Xuan Phu also shared: "There is a principle of this: Never edge high mountains are also deep, and flat plain, all The surrounding will be flat. Also, so to outperform this field must sacrifice some other things
So people who successfully resound their careers must sacrifice many certain things. "Sunhouse owner Ly Award that every person, every day has 24 hours the same, only different usage. For example, if a consumer is equal, 1 hour for the family, a sporty player, 1 hour learning, ... everything they will not stand out for them. In contrast, if they want to play good sports, they will have to concentrate 10 hours / day, meaning to lose 9 hours for other things. "I think life is fair. Who wants to harmonize will not be peak High. Want to peaks must accept defects. That is normal, due to the choice of each person ". He creates a trillion-dollar property of 2000 USDShark Phu with real name Nguyen Xuan Phu, Mr. Born in 1971, in Hanoi. He is a famous Vietnamese businessman. Currently Mr. Phu is holding the position of Chairman of Sunhouse Group, Chairman of the Board of Sai Gon Maritime Joint Stock Company. He was known as one of the investors of the Shark Tank Vietnam program in the second season 2.Shark Phu was born in a family with a studious tradition. After graduating from high school, he decided to attend the accounting finance industry at the National Economics University.Nay since he was sitting on the school chair, he had contacted and used to be familiar with trade business Help the family. It has helped him get a lot of experiences, experiences and understanding to choose for themselves a most suitable business path. After graduating from university, Mr. Phu was recruited to work for the total Petrolimex Petroleum Company. However, felt that work was too gentle, not satisfying his own desire to study the economics, he decided to quit his job. This decision was posted after he had just been signed on the State payroll about a quarter and a half. He spent time studying in foreign languages as English to be able to apply for a job in a foreign company. Thanks to its English, he was accepted to work in import and export to a Taiwanese company. But for a while he decided to quit his job when he felt no longer suitable. He decided the import and export company for Ford Vietnam. The process of working in Ford helped him accumulate a lot of valuable experiences. During the process of working he was constantly learning how to manage and run the enterprise of foreign companies. After working in many different areas, he tried to accumulate itself some capital to It is possible to pursue its own dream dreams. Through 10 years of employment since graduating from university, Shark Phu decided to start a business with a capital of 2000 USD. He founded Phu Thang Company Limited in 2000 operating in the field of household appliances such as Xoong, Pot, Pan ... This is the precursor company of Sunhouse. After deciding to venture with Sunhouse Company Limited Korea, the company has been renamed SunHouse Group Joint Stock Company. In the 18 years of operation, today, Sunhouse has become a trillion corporate of Vietnam. Besides, the Group also owns 7 member companies, 6 factories with a total area of up to 40 he

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