Sharks Are Torn: Shocked For The Culprit

Another shark was torn apart as soon as it was returned to the sea area.0: 00/0: 47 South of the southern shocking scene was recorded by Dr. Mario Lebrato in the Mozambique variable area of the Indian Ocean. The victim in this story is a big shark.Theo rotates this scene, a injured black shark is treated

. After steadily, it was released in the ocean and met a group of about 10 other sharks. After the meeting, the bad shark was attacked by other children, tearing up a large piece to Make your meals. Just a few minutes, its body was lals with large pieces lost on the body
Try to escape but in the end it was difficult to escape the death. In the last moments, it still tries to swim down deeper and sharks swim after that.Video shark attacks each other: 00: 00/01: 52

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