She Received The Wedding Rings To Fall From Half A Century Ago

Ms. Peggy Macsween (86-year-old) believes that it will never find the wedding ring falling on the potato field 50 years ago at Outer Hebrides (England) but the unexpected story has occurred 9: 00/1: 18 Nghiep MacPhee paid Mrs. Peggy Macsween's missing wedding ring. Photo: Guardians Guardian (England) said Mrs. Peggy Macsween dropped the ring while harvesting potatoes at Benbecula's house, Outer Hebrides half a century ago

. After knowing the missing wedding ring from the neighbor, A people on Outer Hebrides are Mr. MacPhee who decided to act to help Mrs. Peggy Macsween
MacPhee used a metal detector to search on the coast where the previous place was the potato field. In recent years, this area has become a popular gathering point, so many metals disturbing the search for the ring. Wedding rings are found. Photo: Guardianong MacPhee said: "In 3 days, I searched and dug up to 90 pits." What makes it difficult for Macphee is a metal detector sometimes difficult to distinguish gold rings and the opening round in the beverage box. But luck is on the 3rd day, after operating around area 5,000 meters wide Square, he found Mrs. Peggy Macsween's wedding ring. MacPhee brought the ring straight to its owner and when Mrs. Peggy Macsween wore the ring, it was still in. Peggy Macsween, Mr
John lost a few years ago. After his wife lost the ring, Mr. John bought another one who gave his wife. Mrs. Peggy Macsween and her husband were married in July / 1958.Hai Linh / News newspaper

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