She Tried

She tried to be her grandfather but because she was not her husband, not her so she was at his house, until he lost her still with her grandmother. She tried to have asthma very heavy but addicted to cigarettes. In order to have money to buy drugs, every day she tried to pick up vegetables. Every noon sunshine is moving across the cases that hear the moan is knowing the lady is picking up vegetables in which <: 00/5: 24 nam nuoc noi wedding wife for him six, big wedding, many loud guests, grandma Than was tired to go to the grandmother's third son's house in a few days (perhaps she wounded this strawberry because she sometimes bought her asthma medicine box or stumbling medicine cake). She was at a few days and then stayed because the couple went to work throughout the two children who didn't look considered, the house did not clean up and then chicken, and dogs

... from the day with her, two children Stabbing out frustrating because of losing freedom
There were two things every day they still took out the play that she now carefully watched it was a knife and fire. The knife hides the roof of the house, when cooking the rice, she kept on the kitchen so they did not steal the coal that played the fire fighting game. Illustrations are provided by the author. After eating rice, the whole house often sat around the stone table in addition to the plum root to wind. The two children had just been scratching because they were injected by mosquitoes while listening to her trying to show off: "In the past, I wanted to me, my cheeks gave me a red gold. It is also to say I'm my daughter with gold, white like a grapefruit. " Then she pointed out the ancestral land while and the non-headless things of the neighbors. Her personality tried to have many odds so the father often told the whole family to stop her, did she say anything, don't argue. For example, who gave birth to a gifts to refuse to: "Well, there's little now to eat!" But who really lived in real, she was angry. She tried to love her son than her daughter
The grandson eated awkwardness was okay but she saw her daughter also eating awkward, she also cursed. The two sisters struck. The child was a little higher but did not beat the brother, the part because of his daughter, part of his life, so it was every time he was shy. At the same time she tried to stand outside and shouted; "Oh my god, he hit his little guy." Each month she tried to cut her hair once. There are old silver-haired hair, cycling, behind the barrel of child careers to remember the day and came. Every time she tried to cut her hair was the glorious moments of the two children. The stire took the chair, the dog soup for the old man to cut his hair into the house. Then until she tried to sit right in the chair, a large cloth on the shoulder covered the whole body, Lim Dim's eyes, the two children went to the kitchen stealing her "treasures" but to the banana garden to play the hut. Then two children grew up, she didn't need to guard the kitchen again because they stopped playing children. Electric scissors to the village, the oil trees stacked, since I bought the rice cooker, it was considered the official grandmother ... losing her job. Looks like she was also sad, went out, sighing, breathing. Every day she tried to go to the scowl of a drying and dried the stripped of the leaves to save the pitch brush. Every time he went to asthma, her moan was longer but she only lied a while. Tired of tired she went around in the yard. Her shadow promoted the ladder with a sunny ball. Her unique joy is that every month waits for the old man to cut hair to talk. I don't know two strange elderly people every month meeting once, but every time it is about thirty minutes there are many things to talk about. The old man had just cut her hair and said it to whisper. She tried to be heard without knowing what to hear anything that the mouth was answered like it was understandable. After cutting hair, she tried to pour him a cup of tea, he rushed, received money, thank you and left. She tried to go out to the gate to see him until he rambled after the hibiscus fence and then suffered into the house. It tried to lose, one afternoon of the year. She was not ill, she slept and walked away. The ghosts only have four tangs (the son kept wondering why its tighter yellow without white. Mother must explain because she tried to have a yellow tighter). The funeral of a small neighbor was busy, people visited quickly and left quickly because there was so many things about Tet holidays. It's like an enemy. The old man came again. He stood still in the lane as a statue carved from hundreds of years ago. The son ran to say: "Oh, she tried to die and didn't cut her hair anymore." He still stood still as if he hadn't heard it. The son screamed a few more times and saw that he still stood still, he hit the house. Dogs are still barking. The daughter came out, it was softer than the son: "Oh, my sister died before Tet". The old man cut her hair still. In the moment it seemed like he was kicking down if his eyes did not appeal and the mouth was trembling: "I finally waited for this day, she kept afraid I died in front of no one to cut her hair anymore . Come on here! ... I want to give up a long-term job but worry that no one cut her hair so I have to go. Now I can rest and prepare yourself ... "Two rows tears c

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