She U30 Recognizes 4 Skincare Errors If Not To Leave Immediately, The ‘etchomy’ Can’t Be Beautiful

This Popular Scincare Error will prevent you from touching the beautiful smooth skin.0: 00/3: 27Then the Southern Southern Southern Beauty Editor means that Shannon Lawlor's Professional WHO What Wear will be chat with these Experts, doctors, and have the opportunity to experience many diverse Skincare products in the market. Thanks to such "privileges", her beautiful BTV has collected a lot of skin care lessons, and identifies Skincare errors before he has accidentally suffered, but does not know to be harmful for skin. Here are 4 skin mistakes that BTV Shannon Lawlor has avoided since becoming a beautiful array tree, sisters should also refer to it will draw a lot of useful things for skin. Crossing this is the first skin care mistake

. I admit that, it takes several years, I just started applying sunscreen every day, don't tell rain or sunshine. UV rays are the external agent capable of destroying the most powerful skin. In particular, UVB rays will cause sunburn, causing skin to be seriously hurt and increased the risk of skin cancer
UVA rays appear in the tumor days, and silently destroy your skin. So even though it does not cause burning burns, UVA rays will harm the natural skin protection structure and fence, leading to early aging. And this is the reason, we need to apply the sunscreen without any day, even when it rains or sounds. The acid is too old to own the oil skin, so the demand for exfoliating often is real . However, I didn't understand that the skin could be hurt because of exaggerating exfoliation, until several years ago. The use of excessive acids, stinging every day will make the skin's protection barrier worse, and more fragile, weak. After 6 months of struggling with dry skin conditions, redness , Embossed acne, I decided to find the help of experts. And the cause of this situation is nothing other than using acid too often. The exfoliating many sounds may seem reasonable when your skin dull color, less smooth and pimplus but believe me, exfoliating the new lightness is right. In summary, you should only take the exfoliating step about 2-3 times a week with a gentle enough product with the skin, so it will limit the irritation status, and preserve a healthy natural fence
Only skin cleansing once with many people, the cleaning process starts and ends with just a piece of cotton sandwater absorbent cotton; But I'm not in that group. I belong to the team using cleanser in two evening morning, until I learned the dual cleaning step. The true is, whether you use makeup remover or cleanser, then just cleaning 1 step is never enough . Makeup remover often contain skin dry ingredients and should be completely cleaned after removing the Makeup layer. In terms of cleanser, this product usually does not have strong enough components to remove makeup residues. Therefore, to clean the optimal skin, in the evening, you need to make enough two-way cleaning steps to remover with cleanser. Using dense moisturizers 2 times / day This is the lesson I'm "enlightened" Last year. Experts always emphasize moisturizing are the key to beautiful skin; And they are not wrong. However, this does not mean that taking concentrated cream is a right choice. For years, I used to think that my oil pouring skin was due to dehydration from inside, so I kept applying dense creams in the morning and dark. Now now, I stopped applying Concentrated nourness and switch to lighter thin type, but still granted abundant moisture, combined with serum applied. As a result, my skin has a berry tension, and acne status decreases. Now, I will only use concentrated creams when you're really needed. Source: W.W.WAY: InternetLam

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