She Was Broke Down, Whether The Loan Was Still Interested In Interest.

Ba Than Than Hom Hem. Lying in the sick bed, she was severely merciful: 'Unexpectedly at the age of' near the remote land 'and there must be a debt without knowing when I first pay'.0: 00/2: 32 nam bare Three years ago 84 years old, no husband and children in Giong Mr. Dong hamlet, Phu Dong commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. Her parents and siblings have died for a long time

. Alone, she went to sell a lottery to earn a living. Many years, Ba Ba goes to sell incense at the foot of Chau Thoi Mountain (Binh Duong province), then hire a small room nearby, live through the day. Through many wind dews, she also accustomed to her single anchor scene
At the age of 80, she only hoped to live peacefully until I leave. The doctor said, if she was not surgery, Ba Three would have to lie in a place for the rest of his life. Covid-19 suddenly flare Playing makes you unable to sell anything, I have to go to the room of their grandson's inn in my hometown to keep up. The epidemic also made her couple of tall girl, Ba Ba's grandson was unemployed, so she could overcome the epidemic. Unexpectedly, when life has moved to a "normal new" state, Ba Ba was fell in the femoralbone. Family about October, she was included in Le Van Thinh hospital. Through the examination, she not only broke the femur, but also with groin joints. Without surgery, she risks to lie in a place. But the cost of surgical cases is too large, up to 60 million VND, the amount of money she has never been held in hand. The white silver hair is now uncivil, she doesn't know how to do it? , tears quietly went through wrinkles
Her husband, she was nearly 60 years old. The day they often go to work, but because his age has been growing, so the less wage, hardworking is only enough to pay for rent and money. Having just experienced a few months of unemployment, now they can't "carry" the huge huge charging institute.2 I only cried in helplessness before his eyes. "If my aunt lies one where I have to take care of your home. But my husband's husband went to work, it wouldn't be enough to cover, so, we discussed, trying to borrow to treat her. Hope she can get back and sell goods as before so that we will pay the debt ". Copper, asking hot interest loans only 10 million VND. That amount is not enough for her surgery cost. "Nobody dares to lend because we are not able to pay. Suffering for my aunt, older but suffered in pain, groaning all night, "said the girl. After knowing the unchanged and strict anchor situation of Ba Ba, Le Van Thinh hospital social work room contacted VietNamNet to make a bridge to benefactors. Hope that compassionate hearts can share to help families have enough treatment costs, so that you can safely be safe for the remaining years.

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