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Follow the opportunity to live happy and full for orphans because Covid-19 is a problem set for us in: 00/16: 10 male domains Video: / See Mother's video call, Four sisters Yen Nhi again. The other screen opened up, and she saw her mother's breathing. Beside her mother, the sound of a heart rate meter continuously ..

. Children only shouted "Mother tried up", but she waved goodbye and turned off the phone. The hospital said family to prepare psychology for the worst situation. Nhi hugged her kids, tears and tears
Then, it was late at night, Nhi and the children still did not dare to sleep, only asking for no bad things to happen to his mother. Any doubt, 6am the next morning, the phone from the hospital called. After a few silent seconds, the end of the wire on the other side took a painful condolence. Four sisters cried, called the mother's name in the extreme pain. It was on August 27. He Pham Cong Huyen (43 years old), father of 4 children, still isolated at home because of Covid-19 infection. After hearing his wife died, he collapsed quickly and falls into despair causing severe illness, right in District 12 hospital, Ho Chi Minh City Treatment. Vy (his second daughter) is accompanied by To take care of your father. But his disease is worse, so it continues to be transferred to the treatment at Nguyen Trai Hospital. "Before the day of the hospital, Three took the hand, I said: 'My son, save three with', Vy burst into tears again
The 16-year-old girl only knew his hand to cry, encouraged three to try. From that day, 4 sisters only knew the situation of three nurses in the hospital. I suspected, the day the sisters received Mother's tro's jar is also the day of receiving the news three years. Four sisters of Yen Vy become orphans of both and their mother within 9 days. "Three also followed her mother," Vy finished speaking, hiding on the tears behind her sister's shirt. Now, Yen Nhi (20 years old) became the only place of 3 children. In the narrow inn in District 12, look at the children, think of the future, about the words of mother told before closing their eyes, children cried alone. Intime, before that children and children were psychological preparing for the day forever forever because my mother has a final stage cancer. But I have never imagined that day so soon came so early, Ms. Lam Yen Nga (42 years) was said to be infected with Covid-19 after the hospital took a cancer treatment. "Disease date, mother is included in treating tumor hospital. We are not followed, can only meet your mother through video calls, "I have just been able to reassure yourself that I will reassure my mother. But now, only I support the wildness when I think about the coming days. Before, my father went to work, her mother and sewing, so the money was just enough to cover everyday life. Since the mother with cancer, pediatric and vy both holidays, go to work more for Money Money. Children work part-time, and Vy help in the cafe to earn extra income. For several months, two sisters are unemployed. In-house drinks and drinks are supported by neighbors. The rest, I took the parents' pharmacy to cover the money. From when my parents died, the two youngest children cried all all. Wait for you to stop crying, pediatric and vy cleans the rice cups that have just worshiped the parents between the cramped motel. Suddenly, the image of family meals was full of parents rushed back. Children and sisters looked at each other, while eating rice and wiped their tears. I wanted to be happy in 2014. Nobody in the family knew who her father was. The secret was buried with the death of a 1-year-old Han Han. Han According to the grandparents and grandma tried from the west to Saigon, Live birth. Age, weaknesses, Han's attempts cannot fight disease so die. She tried to lose a few days when Mrs. Foreigners had to be hospitalized for treatment. Mr. Chi and Baby Han were put into isolation hospital. In the hospital, the two grandchildren came across each other, trying to overcome the violence. But not long ago, he loudly received the news of his wife. "The day his wife died, I was stunned but trying to plead, not let me know. It was too much sad, I was afraid it didn't work. It hurt her grandmother. When I was in the hospital, he kept asking my wife Hoai. I lied to be a grandmother who was treating her illness, soon to leave it to rest assured. "It was possible to be eligible for discharge, Mr. Chi still had to continue treatment of Covid-19. With no relatives in Ho Chi Minh City, he sent a grandchild to his relative family in his hometown. He also instructed everyone who did not disclose his wife's information. The day of farewell to his grandfather, he was in the gate of the hospital, did not want to leave the steps. The doctors must encourage, Han will come to the car. About the countryside, I miss grandparents. But strangely, every afternoon only had you called to visit Han. Naturally didn't see any call from her grandmother. She vaguely realized something was wrong. "At the hospital, I heard my grandfather say like she was about to cry. I found him very sad, sometimes his eyes were red. I'm afraid you are sad so I don't ask anything more about my grandmother, "said Jew. Then the face of a small grandchild, relatives in my hometown

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