Shimmering Clear Strokes In Inspiration Against Pandemic

'Together together to fight against Covid', 'Vietnam Dai Thang', 'Journey of the vaccine', 'Vietnamese white shirt angels' ... that name paintings filled with lively, inspiring inspiration Children's children on the war in the prevention and control of Covid-19 of Vietnam. The contest of the painting contest is aimed at: Health care, hygiene, specific jobs of children with disease prevention Covid -19; Emotions, thinking about children's love and belief in the country, joining hands across Covid-19 pandemic; Cheering, encouraging, praising beautiful images, gratitude, gratitude for social forces is performing tasks in the first level to protect people's health, bringing peace to the commune Assembly exam for children from 6-15 years old

. In particular, each work participating in the "Vietnam News" drawing competition will contribute 2,000 VND to the Government's Vaccine, Covid-19 of the Government. The contest took place in 7 weeks, from June 22 to August 10, 2021.Camor to draw "Vietnam News" by the Council of Teams and Thien Long Group Joint Stock Company, Tools Colokite finely coordinated organized
This is 10 outstanding workers of primary school students winning the 2nd week of the competition: "Vietnam Dai Thang", Duong Thi Hoai Tram, Class 4A2, Thinking 1, Binh Binh Commune, Tan Hong District, Dong Thap Province. "Together determined against Covid", Tran Nguyen Xuan Mai, 46th grade, Tan Tuc 2 Elementary School, Tan Tuc town, Binh Chanh district, city Ho Chi Minh. "The journey of vaccines", Su Ngoc Mai Ly, 3/1 class, Le Van Tam, Long Khanh City, Dong Nai Province. The white angel of Vietnam's white shirt Nguyen Trung British, 5e class, Dong Anh Town Primary School, Dong Anh District, Hanoi City. "Joining hands to push down the epidemic, Pham Thi Linh Nhi", Class 3A1, Hai Thanh School, Hai Thanh Ward, Duong Duong Kinh, Hai Phong City. "At home is patriotic", Nguyen Tran Minh Tue, Grade 1/2, Tr Buong Elementary Pham Hong Thai District Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang City. "Because of the peaceful life", Nguyen Phuc Gia Han, 5/2, Thien Ho Duong, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province "final Link loving ", Do Thu Ha, Class 2B7, Nguyen Thuong Hien School, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City." Faith victory of Pandemic Covid-19 ", Nguyen Nha Uyen, Class 2A3, Thanh Elementary School Cong B, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City "Y doctor becomes superhero", Tran Dang Khoa, Class 1A3, Thong Thong Binh 1, Tan Hong District, Dong Thap Province. Trinh

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