Shock: India Only For Japan How To “catch” Chinese Fighters

F-15J F-15J squadles eager to exercise against India's Su-30mki; In order for Japanese pilots to know the possibility of Su-30 Fighter originating from Russia, is currently the key fighter in the Chinese Air Force. Aerial defense volume, is actively preparing For general coaching activities with Indian Air Force in the coming months, when there will be the participation of fighter units of both sides, including 6 most powerful fighters of Air Force The degree is Su-30mki. India's Su-30mki aircraft will be deployed to Japan to exercise common between the two countries, in the context of the two countries continuing to strengthen security relations, a move is given It is motivated by territorial disputes, which both have, with neighboring China. For Japanese air force units, the opportunity to train against Su-30 is highly appreciated, Because it probably provides the nearest simulation, about the ability of the Chinese Air Force, which country will face, if there is a conflict between the two countries .su-30mki is the 4th generation plane; This is an improved version from the leading dominantly dominant Fighter of the Soviet Union as Su-27 Flanker, which is developed by Russia separately for India

. Su-30mki was included in the Indian Air Force (IAF) since 2002. The Su-27 Flanker variant is also the backbone of the Chinese Air Force; However, the SU-30MKK and SU-30MK2 versions of China, are considered to be less modern than India's Manking version. China after mastering technology from Russia, has started "copying" sessions Su-27 as J-11BG, J-15B and J-16, are considered to be superior to the combat performance compared to the original version
In addition, China also owns two Su-35 squadres purchased directly from Russia, which is considered the most modern variant of the Su-27 series. The main Japanese fighter team today is F-15J Eagle , was put into the equipment for the first time in 1980 and now the Defense force in Japan has about 200 F-15Js who are payrolled.F-15J Eagle of Japan were previously considered to be predicted fighters. The 1stmost number is not controversial in East Asia; But then, its ability was overcome by the more advanced F-15K aircraft of Korea, purchased later about 20 years. The problem causes concerns with Japan that China has sold war Su-27 monument, then Su-30MKK and most recently Su-35, as well as copy versions like J-11B, J-16 have equivalent features, even exceeding F-15J Eagle of this country. Some of China's leading fighters include J-10C, J-16 and J-20, all own many modern technologies, such as active electronic scanning radar (AESA) and long-range weapons such as non-airless missiles PL-15, have superior range compared to rockets on Japanese fighters. In fact, Su-27 is played by the Soviet Union In order to confront the US F-14 and F-15 during the Cold War. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the US Air Force bought some used Su-27 from Belarus, in the 1990s with the purpose of testing. Every US assessment concluded that, Su-27 real Exceeding the F-15 in the war. But that is only the first Su-27 version, not taking into account the modernized flanker variants like Su-30mki and especially J-16, China's latest copy version
J-16 version To be pured by China's Su-35, with a double seat configuration, a multi-functional fighter type, using more next-generation technology, such as AESA radar equipped for aircraft, PL-15 missiles Leading by AESA radar and stealth coatings. Since the cold war ended, Japan's F-15 fighter was less modernized. Among them, only part of the F-15J squadron has been upgraded, to be able to use modern AIM-120 modern AIM-120 missiles. The majority of Japan's F-15J is still used The AIM-7 missiles are backward, leading semi-active radar roads; Along with that are obsolete measures for outdated electronic combat to a few generations, less likely to threaten modern fighters in the range. The F-15J of Japan will have the opportunity confront India's Su-30mki; With previous battles with the US F-15, witnessed the overwhelming Su-27. A similar result may also occur between Su-30mki with F-15J. Currently, India's two enemy rivals are Pakistan and China, hard to own F-15, but with the upper defense force No Japanese, useful experience in against Su-30 will bring many benefits, not only China but also against neighboring Russia, which Japan has a territorial dispute. Based on the SU-30SM, this type of aircraft originates directly from Su-30mki, as well as other Flanker variants, to protect the eastern areas of Russia. This is the opportunity to be better, For Japanese combat pilots to improve fighting skills when dealing with Su-27 series fighters, when a situation occurs. Meanwhile, rivals like Russia and Trung

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