Shock: Supernova Has Transplanted The ‘earth Germs’ Into The Solar System

A near-star forming area we can explain on the planet seeds that have been carried by the ultimate solar system, including Earth seeds.0: 00/1: 32 namtheo space, A new study stated that the supernova - ie the stars exploded in the brilliant death, had the same levels to build the planets in the solar system. Star formation in the constipation Luxury - Photo: ESo's header by astronomer John Forbes from Flatiron Institute (USA) observes the star formation area in the constant constellation and finds the same conditions as their primitive solar system TA. The scientists followed a clue from some of the first solid materials to stop themselves from the dust cloud surrounding the world like newborn suns, and found an important factor: aluminum isotope- 26, an element built inside the stars and has a relatively short life, only 100,000 years. They have found Aluminum-26 in calcium-aluminum-rich structures called Cai, particles are in size under millimeters, found in meteors

. Cai provides a significant heat source during the planetary formation, drying the world and is considered a "planet seed" type necessary for any young star system. But where does it come from? They have linked it with an aluminum-26 long sense: supernova. Because aluminum-26 is one of many metals found in the Fire mind when big stars exploded, it is a phenomenon called "supernova"
Therefore, according to scientists, this precious planetary material has been brought to our solar system through a mysterious supernova series - the deaths have brought new life. announced in the magazine of Nature.

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