Shocked Before Afghan Mothers Desperately Throw Children Through Barbed Fence Thanks To Help

The Afghan situation continues to have important movements: President Ghani appeared, announcing to return; Government forces Retrieving a provincial capital, the Taliban exploded killed the opposite ... the image of Afghan mothers to throw children through the fence thanks to the help of shocking (Photo: TGNB). President Ashraf Ghani rejecting money to run away, announced it will return to the Hong Kong website, the exile president of Afghan Ashraf Ghani, currently in the UAE on Wednesday (August 18), I posted a video online speech Society, claims he intends to return to the country in the near future and denies the information he brought the big cash when flinging with Afghanistan

. In his speech, Ashraf Ghani recalled that he left Afghanistan when the Taliban entered Kabul to avoid bloodshed events. He also said that he was negotiating with others and plans to return to the country in the coming time to "continue to make justice for Afghanistan". Oshraf Ghani appeared in the UAE, spoke online ( Photo: Dong Phuong) Before that, there was information to say when Ashraf Ghani left Afghanistan, 4 cars filled with cash, totaling $ 169 million carrying under the airport, the amount of too much impossible for airplanes Helicopters should be forced to leave on the parking lot
Ashraf Ghani denied this information in the video and described it was an unfounded fabrication. He also said it would explain in detail the incident leading to his departure in the coming time. He also welcomed the talks between former President Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and high-level Taliban officials. Afghan soldiers run away with nearly 50 aircraft to Uzbekistan Taliban gunmen to capture the capital of Afghanistan in Sunday (15 / 8), caused the wave of people to run away from the country. Satellite images shot Monday (August 16) showed that nearly 50 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters of Afghan Air Force from Afghanistan flying to landing on Termez airport in southern Uzbekistan, some of them are Aircraft provided by the US. Afghan's A-29 Cuong Military Plane (Photo: Dong Phuong). The satellite photos show at least 22 small fixed wing planes of Afghanistan Air Force and 26 aircraft Helicopters are parked at Termez airport. These aircraft include 6 Super Woodpecker A-29 "Super Woodpecker, 5 Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft and 11 Pilatus PC-12ng reconnaissance planes; Nearby beans have 19 helicopters Mi-17, Mi-8 and 7 Helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk. However, the authorities Uzbekistan claimed that only 22 fixed wing planes and 24 helicopters Emergency landing down Termez after running away from Afghanistan. A US official confirmed 46 Afghan military aircraft and 585 air force employees were running to Uzbekistan
Jake Sullivan White House National Security Council indicates that Washington has provided the Afghan government forces aircraft and Other weapons for them to protect the country, but a significant number fell into the Taliban hand and acknowledged that there was no exact numbers of them. A helicopter UH-60, the far side are aircraft A-29 (Photo: Dong Phuong) .Also, earlier a A-29 was falling inside the Uzbekistan territory, originally there was information that it was shot down, but then confirmed that it confirmed that It crashed after colliding with a MiG-29 fighter of Uzbekistan Air Force. A website that tracks flights that initially several Military aircraft of Afghanistan plans to fly to Tajikistan, the falling A-29 can run out of fuel and cannot find a safe landing place. The Taliban explodes guns in opponents, dozens of people died and were sold in Dong Phuong, after Afghan's Taliban armed group occupied Kabul, an anti-Taliban protest was broke out on Wednesday (18 / 8) In the city of Jalalabad, the capital of Nagarha province in eastern Afghanistan. When the people removed the Taliban flag by the Afghanistan flag, the Taliban soldiers were shot by the Taliban soldiers, at least three people died and 12 were injured. The protester removed the Taliban flag, hanging the flag of Afghanistan in Jalalabad (Photo: Dong Phuong ). The image in the video shows a large number of protesters waving Afghan Flags on the streets of Jalalabad and some passing people whistling support. A person who removed the Flag of the Taliban, then suffered a bullet gunman, reporters were also attacked. According to other news, people in some places outside Jalalabad also replaced the flag of the Taliban with the Afghan Fourth and also used by the Taliban to prevent fire. About this case, Deutsche Welle (German voice) On August 19 reported emphasis: Although the spokesman of the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid announced at the first press conference of this organization on August 17, said the total amnesty order will be done and said Taliban will not seek revenge, but the local news agency Pajhwok Afghanistan News has been recorded in Jalalabad, Eastern City Afghanistan the image of protesters who are holding a national flag AFG

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