Shocked In China To Marry Her Child After Being …

After the emperor of Chu Nguyen Chuong died, some Chinese non-frequency made a burial process. Of these, a non-frequency change changes, then married and giving birth. What is the truth of this strange story? Under feudal, thousands of non-Qin China became the wife of the Emperor. They have rich life, Phu Quy, have someone who lowered from eating and resting .

.. but, the non-frequency are also suffering no one can understand. Besides compliance with Laws of Le, the rule when serving the king, they also have to take a creepy burial practice
After the emperor died, some non-frequencies were selected for burial and burial in Leave the tomb to continue serving the king in the other party. According to that, the non-frequencies used to be held by the king or never had the opportunity to meet will be buried together. . The Chu Chuong Cyprus is one of the emperors to fulfill a creepy; Before he died, he ordered a cremation of 46 minutes to continue to serve him in the middle of the burial day, 46 Phi Qin of Chu Chuong was put into the tomb and closed the door tightly. Inside the grave contains the king's houses and a lot of burial items. In the number of 46 Phi Qin there is a non-orched person. This non-frequency waiting for the mourning to take over and find a way to escape from the tomb. But, when this frequency moved away from the tomb was discovered by the grave guard. Therefore, this beauty prayed to the grave guard. Before the urgent prayer of the beautiful Frequent Frequent, the tombster was moving and leading this beauty to escape
Later, the two were married and had a son. This work was discovered in 20 years later. When I knew, Emperor Chu De did not search for the past. In return, Chu De ordered the instructions for the old year of the old year of life to take care of the Tomb of Chu Nguyen Chuong. Welcome to the video: Opening Army Games 2021 in China. Source: People's Army Newspaper.

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