Shocked: Newly Organized A Wedding To Be 1 Hour, The Couple ‘turned The Car “to Divorced Because Of An Incomination Cause

After only one hour of marriage, a young couple in the southwestern province of China has decided to file a divorce.0: 00/2: 11 South Vietnam only 1 hour after the wedding organization, a pair Young husband and wife in the southwestern province, China decided to file a divorce, in which the wife asked her old husband to compensate 300,000 yuan (more than 1 billion dong). According to the Global Times, the husband was a single Kiss right after getting married. He affirmed that he did not want to marry and but forced to marry his wife's pressure. This husband also asserted that he decided to divorce his wife before the wedding but his wife continued to harass him, put pressure on him via message

. This makes him "ie the shore water" and the more determination to divorce. The wife saw a divorced husband asking for 300,000 yuan (192,686 RM) Thanh Xuan compensation. She said he was deliberately deceiving in this marriage
This husband also confirmed that he decided to divorce his wife before the wedding but his wife continued to harass, put pressure on him through the message. (Photo Time) Because it does not agree on the terms of divorce, the couple has brought his case to court. The court said that the parties had a certain emotional foundation, so she decided to marry and her husband did not give a legitimate cause to divorce. Therefore, they cannot make a judgment in this case. Although, this is a short marriage that makes everyone shocked but this is not the shortest marriage ever recorded in the world. Previously, another couple in Kuwait "broke" all records when deciding divorce after 3 minutes of being a spouse. Before that, another couple in Kuwait "broke" every record when Division decided only after 3 minutes of spouse. (Photo Time) According to Q8 News, the couple just signed a marriage paper in front of a judge, the bride accidentally stumbled when she turned out. After being scoffed by her husband, the woman was extremely angry and asked the judge to cancel his marriage. This "flashing" marriage takes place only 3 minutes
After the story is shared in a social network, many people show sympathy with the bride. They claim that the girl did right. "If you're right from the beginning he mocked you like that, it is best to leave him," a user commented. A others write: "The marriage has no sympathy, respect has failed From the beginning "How much does it come, getting married as an important decision, affecting your remaining life. So both men and women need to think, consider Thoroughly before making a marriage or divorce decision. Remember, what love is the game and marriage, the more you can't joke.

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