Shocked The Species Of ‘truong Phi’, Possessing Extremely Terrible Punching

Mantis shrimp are noted as the species with the fastest punch of animals, with an equivalent acceleration of a 0.22mm bullet shot from a shortgun. Indian Ocean Native Tites (Odontodactylus Scyllarus) is also known as Mantis are nicknamed as "smasher". They often use continuously to fluctuate into prey until they smash the "armor" layer outside. The mantis shrimp is only surrounded by an outer shell from the back to 4 burns first Body

. The body length can be up to 40cm, weighs beautiful rainbow beauty from luminescent substance, this shrimp species are usually kept as a scene. However, the mantke shrimp was as harmless as his beautiful appearance
One of the time "swung" the dizzy shrimp created to 2 dams at the same time on the prey: a smashed by and a smashed by The pressure creates due to the breakage of air bubbles, these air bubbles are in the space between the more and the surface they are hit. The main reason for this reason, even though the mantis shrimp has a damage. The rate caused by air bubbles is sufficient to stun the scum or even kill the, the opponents are equipped with hard armor such as snails, crabs, oysters, oysters ... cannot be difficult to do Mantis shrimp. In fact, she has recorded cases of mantis breaking aquariums. Each owl of mantis moves at a rate of over 50 miles per hour (80 km / h), is the fastest punch recorded Any animal is still alive. Tú criminal mantis can be equivalent to a 0
22mm barrel shot out from a shortgun but also extremely powerful. More than 1,500 Newton (340 lbs), more than 2,500 times the weight of itself. Although provided in a very short period of time, usually from 49μs to 66μs, the punches are strong enough to unlock 1/4-inch layer ordinary. The as strong as mantis are coated with hydroxyapatite, an object Calcium-phosphate ceramic is super hard. Under the hard surface that is the layers of chitosan polysaccharide, an elastic compound, acting as a damping substance. So, shrimp mantis can punch strong enough to break the glass and do not hurt in the append or part Left of the body. If you want to raise these shrimp as a scene, make sure that the aquarium should be made with toughened glass or thick glass, for tanks with thin glasses that will easily cause accidents. Please watch the video: Top 10 longest animals of the earth. Source: Yan News. Dung Dung (T.H)

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