Shocked With Strange Ufo Encounters So Much That No One Can Explain

The US government for the first time in history had to admit the existence of the phenomenon is not indefinite (UAP), also known as UFOs. In fact, the modern history recorded a lot of strange UFO encounters, mysteries that no one can give a reasonable explanation, according Newsweek.Co to 13,500 people claimed sightings triangular low-flying black and silent in Belgium in 5 thang.1. UFO encounter on Mount Rainier, Washington (USA) in 1947Tu left to right: Pilot EJ Smith, Kenneth Arnold and Ralph E

. Stevens view photos of Kenneth Arnold was driving UFO.Phi private plane when he saw a light, then an object which he described as looking "like a plate". It was moving at a rapid pace incomprehensible Rainier along the mountainside
Then he saw an additional 8 "saucer" anymore. The pilot then reported sightings of "unidentified flying object" (UFO) .2. USS Nimitz dated 11.14.2004 UFO encounters in the Pacific duonganh UFO shooting from aircraft USS Nimitz in San Diego Pacific DuongCach 160km to the southwest, the fighter pilot on the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz of the US Navy UFO encounter with a strange white shapes and styles giant Tic Tac moving three times faster than the speed of sound. "I do not know if I saw anything. It does not have wings or rotors and fly faster than the F-18 of us," Lt. David Fravor - one of the pilots have the opportunity to see the UFO Tic Tac divided Share on confrontation. The Pentagon later admitted about this encounter and that they do not know the object is gi
3. Encounters UFO over the desert in 1964 in New MexicoTrung policemen Lonnie Zamora at the scene saw UFOTrung policemen Lonnie Zamora was driving down a dirt road, he saw "a spacecraft egg" emerges from end of the road. First, Lonnie thought it was a car in need of help. But then he saw a blue flame and heard a loud roar. Objects start flying up. Traveler years later saw confirmed the spacecraft is bay.4. UFO "red star" Charlie in Canada in 1975Manitoba, CanadaHang hundred people in southern Manitoba, Canada said they had seen a strange object emitting red light orange fly up to the sky every night for several months. The UFO was affectionately nicknamed Charlie Redstar (red star Charlie). Charlie has inspired parties UFO sight in fields across Manitoba during it appears hien.5. UFO encounters triangles BiUFO giacChi in about 5 months (1989-1990), there were 13,500 people who claimed UFO sightings black triangular flying low and silent, each triangle has three orange lights . This is a completely different type of UFO reports before. Skeptics call this event is a mass hallucination. However, those who believe in the existence of UFOs again the saying, military radar unusual activity when black triangular UFO appeared so the UFO is believed to be real, not virtual giac.6. UFO encounter in Trans-en-Provence, France in 1981Mot investigation team members learn about service GEIPAN viec.Renato Nicolaï is working in his farm when he heard a strange noise. Then he saw a flying saucer taking off and disappeared in the treetops, leaving burn marks on the ground where a UFO every bean. An investigation was carried out by special groups to hunt UFOs in France, GEIPAN. This organization claims a UFO ever ground parking space was more than 260 degrees warming TuanTheo C.Bao Newsweek

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