Shocked With The Plan To Explode Nuclear Bombs On The Moon Of America

During the cold war, American scientists have planned to explode nuclear bombs on the moon. This is seen like a miniature copy of the Manhattan project. After World War 2 ends, the world enters the Cold War period. America and the Soviet Union and some countries race to research and develop nuclear weapons. Among the daring projects that the United States cherished during this time plans to explode nuclear bombs on the moon

., In the early years of cold wars, many US leading scientists work in place Projects for nuclear bombs on the moon. Many people assess this plan like a miniature copy of Manhattan project - US Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing Program.Edward Teller, who made a US fusion bomb, supposedly given The first idea of the possibility of bombing atomic bombs on the moon
Theo, scientists of the Illinois Institute of Technology conducting research on how the nuclear bombs on the moon will take place, impact Why ... Based on the calculations of experts if the nuclear bombs on the moon will be able to create a giant mushroom cloud like when proceeding in the earth. The world where the world can observe the nuclear bomb explosion with the naked eye.Do put a large size hat weapon on the moon at the moment it is not an easy thing due to not developed missile techniques. Therefore, after a period of review, experts intend to use Uranium-Plutonium W25 warheads with an explosion of 1.7 kiloton. However, until January 1959, the wise Commander G The US decided to suspend the project to explode bombs on the moon. The reason that the US canceled this plan was not revealed
Some researchers said that the United States canceled the project above because concerns would cause horrifying disasters on the moon such as breaking the intact of the place This. Even, a hypothesis that if the United States implements a plan to bomb bombs on the moon, the effect of the explosion can affect the tide cycle up and down on the earth. No such a large amount Radioactive dust can spread into the atmosphere on earth that threatens human life and animal species. The readers watch videos: Iran claims to declare the killing of nuclear scientists. Source: VTV24.gam (According to History)

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