Shocking Proof Confirmed Aliens Landing The Earth?

Those who believe in the existence of aliens shows some evidence that they visit Earth from thousands of years ago. Before these evidence, many people are not curious whether this is correct. Or the planet used to visit the earth or not a great mystery that humanity "crazy" to find the answer throughout Last year.Theo, those who believe in the existence of UFO indicates some evidence of aliens on Earth. The famous among these is the giant Nazca lines in Peru are thought to be caused by the non-earth organism

. Nazca lines are mysteriously engraved on a length of 58 km and 1.6 long desert land. kilometer
Many animated animations such as birds, hummingbirds, monkeys, dogs, spiders, lizards ... become big mysteries. Experts, scientists are curious who do not know who creates Nazca lines And what is the purpose of this huge structure. In the scientific gender cannot decode the mystery of Nazca lines, a hypothesis thinks that this structure is created by aliens as a runway for UFOs Going to the ground. Ezekiel book is part of the Bible written in Hebrews believed to be an indisputable evidence of the encounter between people with aliens. Due to the book Go to the details of a prophet who saw the aircraft appeared with fire, smoke and loud noise. In Ezekiel book, the prophet described a carriage in the sky with fire and light. This detail also appears in the II Law, Ephesians and Revelations
Some followers said that "angels" are caused by aliens to Earth. Theorial theoretical speculation, design of vehicles on near modern spacecraft varieties. Therefore, the Ezekiel book is likely to be a document that describes the first encounter between people with aliens.Video: Switzerland opened the language class of aliens (Source: VTC14). You (according to CIS)

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