Shocking Shock Of The Wife’s Sister In The Jealousy In Ho Tay: ‘my Father Thanked Her Daughter-in-law For Giving The’ Famous’ Husband’s House

The jealousy in West Lake has added new circumstances revealed by Ms. Th - his wife in the story.0: 00/3: 16 male and jealousy in West Lake and Drama love behind is still Receive attention of public opinion. The image of the wife tugged with the Tam, the husband, a held ink, protecting the personality causing many obsessed people. It took a while to reopen nick as usual

. Contact her sister Th, the Law and Social Law Reporters learn more about the circumstances of this wife. It is known that Ms. T
H has discovered her husband, Bodkin for a while. She also warned, preventing, looking forward to the two of them ending his wrong job. However, they still familiar with the old road, even blaming the marriage unhappy. (Photo cut from the clip) This sister also said that she was married far away, the brothers in the house were far away so I couldn't Go to encouragement, advocate your sister. H. Know: "I put my phone positioning with her husband, on the road, it was discovered and caught it. It hasn't been dinner. Being mourning, I don't think much not to call anyone. From the day the brother-in-law of the seaboard couple with your lover, several times I ignore it. I think it thinks of the family, 2 Measurement of ways remains normal, thinking of his head for thinking for their children
But unexpectedly still remains any disability. "Hit said her family also knew all. They don't think you have such a disadvantage and her brother-in-law is so bad. Mr. LCT to buy genuine cars must also borrow money with his wife's house, unpaid debt hours but he couples, Bo ViCh, as a miserable wife. (Screenshot) known, after a jealousy of floating jealousy, Her husband and her father came to say 'thank you daughter' because it has been famous for her husband's house. The husband's family feels very surprised by the behavior of this wife. However, standing before the situation of the husband was not fondily, the couple with others, it was difficult for her H to keep calm. (Photo of facebook characters) after that case, T. H also moved out at. Before the time, she was still with her parents, now to happen like that, it's hard to look at each other. Previously, in a social network post, she feded her husband violently, her parents knew about the son of adultery but still advocated, covering his son. "It doesn't know to think about his wife and children. What it doesn't know whether your parents can curse me. I am a loud loud in my husband's house but I'm worried. It goes early on and then goes to the other child. Talking about this with his parents, but his parents still have it and curses themselves, putting themselves to go to the end of the end. The cousin doesn't want to wire melon. And it is already rotten again and wants to open Let Thien Ha admire, I will be happy. I will be happy. It will suffer. It pairs of the other child. And my parents don't want to tell details because of grandparents Excluding deep. The more kind it sees the despect ", extracting the conflicting line on the social network of Ms. T.Hchi H, revealed, when I was caught by my father, Tam Van asked for a woman This is also husband and 2 small children. But when he went to the police office, he also demanded against his wife. Currently, on the personal page, the wife T.H has erased all posts related to the case of her husband adultery. It seems that this wife doesn't want to push everything away. Thao (synthesize) (Cut photos from the clip and facebook characters)

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