Short Story ‘collected By Thousands Of Years Ago’: Fairy Love People

There are things when you have done, so far away, I can't come back, I'm remembering unfortunately. Who told the rich, the successor no worries, there is no sadness, no time to have an empty time, Lac LiNhe.0: 00/1: 46 Nouthern countries have been in hand all but still permanently Feeling wildly. It was like a virus of modern society, invaded and pushed many individuals, people reached lonely. Thu Tran writer, the Vietnam Writers Association was very real, very lived in that in the short story "collected by thousands of years ago"

. A compositor looked into, many honesters today saw a lot of people in it. Looking out, the life of the long character in the story was too full enough, the family, fame, and nothing to worth it . However, go into deep, the nine soul see the difficult gaps filled
Message lines of a mysterious woman sent every day for half a year that helped Long coercise, softened ordinary ordinary emotions, changing and affordable. A casual action Enough heart, enough patience. In the middle of the reversal life, it is still rare for such people. Long welcomed that joy and motivation as usual until recognizing the woman texting himself every day was the dedicated female journal like a humble, small shadow. Messages to ask daughter regularly to send daily though no longer in the world. A single woman, unfortunately, small with a thoughtful heart was comforted, patting the man who was rich and rich, fame. Thinking about her, about what she did, though she was no longer available, with the true, the long character would have the motivation for life, living more meaningful than the new days. The pen and life is often deposited by writer Thu Tran who has found a path to the reader's soul, listeners - in the feeling of re-appeals, disturbing behind the lines of the world ..
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