The old everlasting ever had the sentence 'Pre-poured waves, the next waves' want to talk about a life of life: the behavior that someone was used to do, it would be repeated in the children themselves. Of course, there will be good behavior and bad behavior. ..

. The following generation is very susceptible to and imitating every habit, hobby, behavior of his parents' owns.0: 00/3: 10 namnay domain I mentioned the story of a family Cool, Ms. Quy went to the windy lane with the old woman in the neighborhood
Ms. Duyen, her daughter cycled. She parked, hello everyone and turned to ask me: Bu. Pay me a thousand and thousands of neighbors surprised, Mrs. Plum frowned: There was a thousand, but you also asked my mother? Ms. Chuyen was still calm: - Bu you borrow, I have to pay you? See if I borrow your daughter at any time, but I don't remember.! She asked: - How do you borrow you? What to do? -Bu to buy fresh tea on the market. I'm going to the market, you call me again to borrow it! Take the needle. She took a one-thousand sheet to pay for a daughter and bau: - A thousand also claims. My father's attempt with the house
Labping for pain ... Ms. Duyen province of avocado, holding pocket money and greet everyone. She told me to pick me up, take money to buy BIM BIM for me. It's going, Ms. Quy caught embarrassed with neighbors: -Adds. Lifting the daughter like this rather to give the egg to bring you but eat. She did as if I was very happy. You don't know. Once I witnessed my mother and she took the stick and cursed a battle because of the crime of eating. Mrs. Ta spitted the betel bucket into the tree, handed the betel's hand, then straightened: - It was that day I stopped her home to buy vegetables. I saw her mother who had just picked up a stick of Le Trut, just cursed: Father Fisheries guys guys, I bring heavy and painful .. tearing .. New to you ... hungry, fasting, raising you The person who caught her husband for you. Now I went to your house to play. In order for a meal to tell me, there is nothing to eat, to eat temporary rice. My father's father.! .. The fake pot with you to cook you in this straw ... I have a lot of pain for pain ... The old lady just grabbed the sticks to straw the fake pot of false cookers. to watch. The frequency of South Vietnam has not seen anyone who eats his mother with his mother. Plums sighs the grazing: - Yes. The old lady once told me this and it was time to tell him, he saw the girl's daughter's house as a stick against sticks. The engine was slow, so it was sometimes up to where the fragrant screwed smells and her mother didn't have to eat it all. Prohibit ever sample moms are delicious, sir. The house is a mother, but it has anything about orange. East price of this child is having another thing ... over this ... thinking that poor grandparents, miserable at death. Well a reputation near the daughter's daughter, you are rich. So now her child demands that the loan to buy tea, it is true "that person is". Or "The front waves pour the waves after pouring.". Twenty years later, her daughter married. Once she was sitting in a noodle. Her daughter entered the shop turned out to turn to another. It is afraid to eat with the shop will cost the bowl of mother's noodle. According to the village of Minh Hang

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