Should Be Married To The First Love?

I and my husband do the job requires a lot of creativity. We live in an apartment filled with comics and art items. The illustration. I spend a lot of time to work, creative and party. The outsider will think our lives are full of hollow things

. But the reality is not so. I am married when I'm 20 years old. This makes those who know I feel quite shocked
They say "Really?", "Heaven, lovely". There are also people who ask me why getting married soon. Some people think I have ... Wedding forces. But I also want them to know more about other surprising things. I am my first love. He was the one I met at high school. Me and you have many common friends, this helps us can slowly get used to and learn about each other
I'm a true and sweet boy. The stage loves each other, we spend a lot of long nights to chat online, then officially dating. I remember, it was on my 16th birthday. At that time, my parents vehemently opposed the fact that I had a boyfriend when I was too young. Burning time loved each other, we never broke up. But we know creating a private sky for each person by apart. His university is 2 hours away from my motorbike, which is a distance away so that the relationship becomes more attached. I remember once, he spent the final savings of college to arrive visit me. He invited my whole group to take a vacation on a beach. Midnight, when he and I handed in his hand, he asked me. When I was 20 years old and we were together for 5 years. Your proposal is not the same as a question, but a claim of sovereignty. I used to married the first love when she was too young, making me miss a lot of experience and opportunities to find people More suitable? Can you be better if I meet many people and have many opportunities to choose? What happens if I can meet someone out there better than you? Every day dating, I wonder if I still want to be with you. I even thought someday I would change my heart change, then, what will I have to do to sew my lesions? But I soon decided that I would just think about him stop. Admitting this is funny, but the romantic story in a novel has made me more steady with their choice. The novel has a paragraph: "If you love and respect him more than everything Things in the world, why should you hesitate? " This question promotes a person to a long-term relationship with partners. And with me, it helps me confirm that I have chosen what I really want. Thuy Kieu / Education

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