Should I Buy Honda Sh 350i For 50 Million Vnd?

Many agents have offered SH 350i 2021 for 176 to 207.5 million VND depending on the version and color of the SH 350i 2021.The fever on the Honda SH 350i model assembled in Vietnam with the price listed only from 145 million dong still caused many users to care about. However, although not about agents, many agents have begun to deposit this model.Honda SH 350i is selling at a price of more than 200 million dong

. According to the plan, this model will officially Ly and marketed on September 22 to September with two sports and advanced versions. According to Honda Vietnam, these two versions have the listed price at VND 145.99 million and 147
99 million VND, many agents have offered SH 350i 2021 for 176 to 207.5. Trieu Dong depends on the version and color of the SH 350i 2021. The difference is from 30-50 million VND compared to the listed price announced by Honda Vietnam before. It is said that it is highly different So it is no stranger to Honda models. However, to spend the amount with VND 200 million, many people still feel "sorry" for a model of a motorbike. Besides, many opinions also believe that the selling price at the agent is not suitable for SH 305i Assembling in Vietnam is not attractive to the imported vehicle. Dang Kim said: "Vision car price also team is nearly 8 million VND one, then sh 350i difference to 50 is normal, but the translation is like this will There are not many buyers ".honda sh is always a car with a high difference between the listed price and the price at the dealer. Another user for von, want to have SH 350i immediately pay for another Lead car And giving it back to the Lead car store, but the normal day of the price difference was still thinking, but the moment this translation was not stable, there was no need to think about buying a motorbike for VND 200 million, instead Many people will decide not to buy
Hoang Dung, another user also said: This translation sells the recommended price to sell how much, the agent also raises prices as Y anymore. Besides, going to SH 350i must have been equal to A2, the more people who buy it today, the selling price of Honda SH cars is a model with the highest difference between the selling price at the agent and the listed price. For example, the price at Head for Honda SH 150i is being sold at a price of VND 125.6 million for ABS version (the listed price is 96 million VND) and 112 million VND for CBS (listed prices It is 88 million VND), this price has included VAT. Thus, if deducting VAT, the price of Honda SH 150i also has a ranging price of 103-117 million VND. So, the Honda SH 125i model ABS is costing 98.7 million VND and the CBS is priced at 92, 6 million, the price includes VAT. Like Honda SH 150i, Honda SH 125i does not include VAT costs 90 million VND and 84.2 million, and the listed price is only 79 million VND and 71 million VND.

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