Should I Sell Hanoi’s House And Return To My Hometown With Your Parents?

In Hanoi, we had a house with a huge house, the job was stable but the girls kept pressing pressure to catch the couple I had to go home.0: 00/2: 29 nuan nuoc gioi: vietnamnet with my mother year Now outside 70 years old. She gave birth to 5 children but only my husband was a son. My husband has a carpentry job. The father-in-law is famous, so it is very convenient

. He transmitted his son and intended to spread her husband. However, 15 years ago, due to conflicting with her parents, my husband brought his wife and children to Hanoi to rent a house. He quit his carpentry and went to work as a worker
I was an elementary teacher but after following her husband, I became a cashier at the supermarket. My husband and wife's life was so hard. But because of the offer, he didn't let me lament with anyone. He did not let me contact her husband's family. In 2012, my wife and I could buy a suburban land. 3 years ago, we borrowed money to borrow money to build a 3-storey house. The idea was settled, from now on the couple just dedicated to the center of doing business and unexpectedly last year I found out Lung cancer. Phone girls announced, my couple went to meet parents. My husband and I also took my mother to the hospital and care in my whole month. So my whole family reunited, motivated, the medicine healed her mother
This month, my parents also gave my couple 500 million to pay off the housing debt. Grandparents haven't once told us to go home to live. However, since reunion, the four husbands constantly urge us to sell houses in Hanoi to go home. I said, my mother was seriously ill, I was old so we had to take care of my father Mother and continue the transmission work. Later, my husband was a person who was worried ... My husband told me to think and give him an idea to let him decide. I thought a lot. Honestly, I don't have an aversion to her husband's house. I also don't want to prevent your husband from fulfilling responsibilities with the birth and ancestral level. But I'm used to life in Hanoi. My children are in level 2 and level 3. If changing the environment at this time, I'm afraid they will be short. Since then affects the learning. I also thought about a period of more than a dozen years ago, my couple was difficult, sometimes not enough money to buy for the milk box, I peeked my mother and my mother only Talking a single sentence: "Last children, leaving the house, they must take care of themselves". After that, she was like him, didn't ask me to come to my family anything. Now, I'm really hard to think. My husband asked me, maybe he wanted to try my heart. I have to do how reasoning is reasonable. Hope everyone gives me advice.

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