Showbiz 8/7: Reason For Ly Nha Ky Does Not Attend Cannes Film Funds 2021

Ly Nha Ky said she was sent an invitation letter from Maynes 2021, but refused to participate because he was not happy. Ly Nha Ky did not attend Cannes Film Film 2021 Film Festival (Film Festival) International Cannes 2021 Officially taking place from July 6 - July 17 at Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, France. Sharing with Traffic Newspaper, Ly Nha Ky said she was sent by BTC to be sent by Cannes Film Festival from June but refused to participate because the disease situation has not been controlled and lives many people affected. "I found myself unwise the skirt of a happy dress with that without sharing with the difficulties in the country. I think it will not go to Cannes this year will go next year and go with the mind more fun

. Now, me Only hoping for the country, Vietnamese people can overcome difficulties and soon return to normal life, "said 8x beauties. (According to the traffic newspaper) Ly Hung believes in grace, not forced themselves in the affectionate affection in the 10th episode of the Ba Dang trio, "the king of the silver screen" Ly Hung has shared about the stage His artistic lines. He has the first role in his career when he was only 12 years old, playing a boy in the phoenix film
6 years later, Ly Hung was allocated to the first main role in Pham Cong - Cuc Hoa "and the film gave the name of Ly Hung as today" - he revealed. (See details) The 16-year-old wife of Chi Bao Bao Bao informs pregnant, showing off a series of hot daughters here, on his personal facebook page, the 16-year-old commune of the actor Chi Bao posted the series of photos showing off The body is hot with the status line: "Featuring a daughter's body". Under the comment section, responded to many questions of friends, Ly Thuy Chang was pleased to confirm that she was pregnant after 4 months of marriage with Mr. Chi Bao commune. (See details) Nearly half of the contestant attend the Finals of Miss Mexico 2021 with Covid-19 new, the Miss Mexico 2021 final night took place and found two new 'beauty queen' representing the country Attend Miss World and Miss Grand International contests. Although the contest is assessed to be successful when finding the deserving the crown of the crown, however, only one information has shocked that nearly half of the participating candidates received positive results With Covid-19. (See details) The Netizens panicked by Selena Gomez according to Selena Gomeztheo Just Jared, who recently said that Selena Gomez appeared with your team during the yacht. Notably, the appearance of the female singer after the absence of the audience was hard to recognize. Explanation of weight gain appearance, Selena sentenced she easily gained weight and lose weight in a short time because of the side effects of lupus treatment drugs - kidney disease and high blood pressure. (See details) Britney Spears posted nude 7/7 (local time), Britney Spears posted to Instagram Personal Nude photo taken from behind the bathroom
Instead of long-term sharing style, for new photos, beautiful people just to annotate are three ballet shoes icons. However, after just a few hours of posting, the photo received more than 1.6 million people "dropping heart" and countless comments. (See details) Old of the former teen model crowned Miss Peace Paraguay, BTC Miss Grand Paraguay has held a ceremony to appoint Beautiful Jimena Sosa to become New Miss Peace Paraguay 2021 . With this title, she will represent the country at the Miss Grand International 2021 contest taking place in Thailand later this year. The beauty of former teenagers is controversial on beauty forums. Many ideas said she owns a rough face and is less common. (See details) Do Quyen

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