Showing Off Her Husband’s Body, Bui Tien Dung’s Wife Made Sister-tired

Recently, she wag Khanh Linh - Ms. Trung Thít Bui Tien Dung has posted Story Message with her husband and quickly causes disturbance on MXH. One of the famous players - WAGs is famous for the leaders in the tablet Chronic can be mentioned as midfielder Bui Tien Dung and Mrs. Khanh Linh commune. The story around this couple is always attentively by football fans, interested

. My wife Bui Tien Dung posted Story Message With her husband and mild turmoil. In the message, the central defender stood in front of the mirror took a picture and sent his wife to show off his 6-piece rolls. That image makes the commune to utter up: "What does the picture will it mean?"
The message quickly was shared by her WAG Khanh Linh and made Netizen to watch "dures". Before That, after winning 4 - 0 of Vietnam's front of Indonesia in the second round of World Cup 2022, the image of Bui Tien Dung was also crazy by Netizen Share crazy. It was over a shirt but couldn't do it Translucating the "cuddling" on Bui Tien Dung's body. After nearly 3 years of attachment from love to marry, both had each other the little princess named Sushi this year 2 years old and prepared to welcome new members. Bui Tien Dung and Ba Xa Khanh Linh commune publicly declared in the month 10/2018, right of the Birthday of the central defender. Through many turbulents, the two have been asking in June 2019 and "about a house" after the spectacular wedding in January last month. of a Vietnamese recruitment always makes fans jealous because of full life, full career, beautiful wife, my pretty child. Photo: Synthesis of readers Watching videos: When the "heroes" pitch are father - Source: VTV24h

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