Showing Off The Heart Cake To Celebrate 1,000 Days Of Love, Pretty Girl Sharing Love Story ‘actively Attack’ Makes People Admire

Normally, girls who are often attached to 'passive' in love but with the British letter are different when she is a saw who saws him. New here, share on a social networking forum, girl named Mr. Letter (living in Dai Loc, Quang Nam) has caused many people to admire when telling the sweet 3-year love like their backside. It is known that her boyfriend named Truong Cong Non (also lived in Dai Loc, Quang Nam). The heart cake celebrates 1,000 couples of the couple's love

. "I have played with 1 friend Male named Vinh. This friend plays close to your lover. One day Vinh and I want to go out
Right from the first time, I was impressed with the young. He has white skin like me Baby, make me "sunstroke" a little bit. Then I actively texted me. Then gradually the feeling between us increased and realized that each other's "puzzle piece" ".tuy had sympathy With the young named guy, but not right from the beginning of the letter faithful. She said that both of them were in the same school but other classes should be difficult to meet. Moreover, the letter is having another "Crush". "I liked a male friend to learn more maths from five levels 2. But when I was rejected, you were denied it. The reason why you gave it If you want to have a lover, now only worry about studying
Ever through the university to calculate that. But I have a broadcast, my crush has a lover that makes me depressed. Go to Mid-Autumn Festival, you still invite us to go out. It was about that day that I changed the target, moved to young people. I am determined to saw it. And after 2 weeks, you were ... collapsed. However, he turned to be active. For me and I agree! " , Mr. Letter remembered.When 2 loved each other, the 2-sided family knew what, but contrary to other level 3 couples, British letters and boyfriends received the support of the two houses. The reason also because the young man was obedient, the famous fame was the village. Study in the morning and the next afternoon at home to help her parents work. The evening was young to learn to study until late at night. By that way, this friend has written points in the eyes of his parents. Letter in the eyes of girlfriends, young is the main, gentle man, extremely loving and honeyping. Will: '' During 3 years loves each other, we are inevitably angry, quarreling and breaking up. The time I remember the most because I was jealous. But it's true at that time, young was a calm person and explained to her truth. Finally we were "like there was no separation". From the day of love to each other until now, two children are very little quarreled. And every conflict, the boyfriend is always the active person to heal before. "New, July 12, the couple celebrated 1,000 days of love with a small party. On the anniversary, the guy gave My girlfriend 1 Gato cake is heart-shaped. The cake also has a funny chibi image of 2 people. British letter feels very happy that day. Letter hopefire, the future ahead. Any, the feelings of the two people are always sturdy. The girl's love story has received more than 10,000 favorites and thousands of people's comments. Everyone admires the feelings of the two people for the enemy . The couple also received many good wishes of everyone.

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