Shudder Of The ‘magic’ Staff Of 4,400-year-old Snake

Researchers said that the wooden stick carved the snake-shaped snake is very similar to the 'magic' staff used by ancient magicians in the area.0: 00/1: 56 nam Archaeologists in Finland have excavated a solid wooden patent tree more than 4,000 years old. NBC News, a snake-shaped wooden stick of 53.3 cm long, dating back about 4,400 years old was excavated in Finland recently can be a staff used in the "magic" rituals by the Stone Age Master. A new study published earlier this week shows that the thickest trees are about 2

.5cm, In particular, the tall trees seem to be very similar to the solid head opened. It was found in a peat layer buried near the town of Järvensuo, about 100km from Helsinki and was perfectly preserved. This is the flooded area The prehistoric water that archaeologists said was the place where the nations of the new stone period (at the end of the stone period) 4,000 to 6,000 years ago
It's not like anything else It was found in Finland. The Archaeologist Satu Koivisto of Turku University said: "My colleague has found it last summer. I thought she joked but when I saw the snake's head, it made me shudder. The staff is used to be used by ancient magicians. "I personally don't like snakes, but after discovering this staff, I began to like them," Mrs. Satu added.Satu and Antti colleagues Lahelma, an archaeologist at Helsinki University said that the staff was used in magic rituals by a magician - a man who claimed to communicate with the souls. Working archaeologists At an excavated area in Finland. People believe that the ancient peoples of this area have practiced such belief for thousands of years. This traditional belief is said to persist today in some remote northern regions of Scandinavia (Northern Europe), Europe and Asia
Lahelma archaeologist said that snakes are considered solid History in the area. "There seems to be a certain relationship between snakes and people. This remindses the meaning of the Stone Time, when snakes play a special role as mental support for magicians ... ", Ms. Lahelma shared. Bao TuanTheo NBC News

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