Signing The Kneeling Pillow, Please Thanh Van Marriage Marriage

Signing with Thanh Van and Ms. Thuy and went to her late to expect her to agree to marriage for both. However, she still doesn't agree to sign a kneeling to apply to the Ball Xin.02: 00/1: 49 South of the United States, killing the girl who misses her daughter, Mother Thien Kim made her depressed because so many times she said it Shortly then the chorus asked for the daughter to pay gambling debt. Before, it was so black to sell houses, three of Thien Kim because of being too depressed but broke up with her mother, not long ago died

. Thien Kim also moved out, renting and working at Phat Dat Company. The affection between Thien Kim with her mother is not close. Photo: Sen Golden saw that the daughter has no idea and can not afford to earn that big money, Mother Thien Kim preserves the daughter to rely on the secret he loves to hit the deadly car but forced to make money If it will denounce that crime
The kid intelligence for Thien Kim's affection. If Thien Kim spends all the feelings for Duy Duy, Tuan Kiet also sends his heart to Thien Kim. So, when I knew Thien Kim was suffering by the amount of money to save her mother beyond the possibility, Tuan Kiet tried to save his love. And the way Tuan Kiet thought it was thanks to the help of Khiem.Niem.In then, Den Duy was with Thanh Van and Ms. Thuy to Da Lat to find a grandmother to mope she agreed to work for kissing both. However, she still didn't shake the idea because she couldn't believe Thanh Van's feelings and signed it from his heart. Expressing Ba Nhan, Dang Duy (Photo) kneeling on her legs to say words Sincerely and affirms love with Thanh Van is honest. Thanh Van looked at Duy Duy, she also knelt for her mother not to prevent my love
Does both persuade Ba Nhan or not when you are still extremely lovingly in your lap? Invite the audience to see the show The next variable of Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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