Signs To Change Engine Oil On Cars

Oil will help motor car running smoothly and perfectly. If your car appears one of the signs below needs to be checked, replace oils.0: 00/2: 06 Southern men's expression shows that the engine needs to be replaced by the following signs. The motor vehicle has needed to change oil: - When the oil indicator light indicates that the oil level in the engine is too low. Ask the mechanic to check for oil or additional oils

. - For vehicles equipped with oil pressure gauge, if the line on the device is low, the oil level is also low, additional need Add oil or replace it if it comes to the term.- For some lift trucks, when the oil is low, the running motor will be severe because the sediment is more serious. Ask the mechanic to replace oil immediately is to remove oil sedimentation
For a number of lift trucks, when the oil gets low, the engine runs will be severe because the sediment is more serious to choose the right type of oil The engine will choose the engine for the engine to remember the following: 1. Viscosity of oil, is usually printed with numbers right ahead and rear characters W on the label. Number Print in front of the w character to indicate the viscosity level of oil when at 0 * F (equivalent -18 * C) .dý self to indicate the temperature in the winter (abbreviation of the winter). The number of printed rear prints W is the viscosity level of oil when measured at temperature 212 * F (ie 100 * c). Check the manual for the company to choose the viscosity of the appropriate oil for its vehicle.2. Car owners need to consider the selection between synthetic oils and conventional oils. If using ordinary machine oil, the car owner needs to remember to change the schedule of oil. Also synthetic oil, there are a few superior advantages: containing special additives against sedimentation; The viscosity, the flow of oil is better in cold weather conditions (mountainous areas, snow ice); Maintain stable viscosity whether at high temperature (hot climate area or sand sand)
3. Depends on the number of kilometers on the distance meter, the car owner can choose the high-dedicated oil of the high-mileage oil for the car that has been running about 120,700 km because this type of oil has air conditioning, helping to expand the gasket In the engine, increase the flexibility of the gasket when the engine works. Machine machine is very important in ensuring operation and increasing engine life, so it is necessary to ensure the replacement of oil as it is recommended Manufacturer or professional repairer. By Thu Ha, 1 hour ago

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