Signs To Identify Damaged Automotive Batteries

The actual automobile battery can make the car unable to start the engine, or start with the 'Touch' status. So what signs shows that you need to replace the new battery. The rules are the part of storage and supply of electricity on cars. When the engine has not started, the battery is the energy source of the car. Accordingly, the most important role of the battery is to provide the power supply for the automobile engine startup process

. Here is a sign of recognition of damaged automobile battery: Luminous battery warning light is a sign of receipt It is clear that your car battery is having problems. So in this case, you need to bring a car to maintenance and repair centers to check the status of the battery before the car It is impossible to operate, which is the part of a storage and supply of electricity in the batteries to be edema, deformed with a signs of a car battery that encountered the problem is that the battery is edema and deformation. Accordingly, due to the high temperature in the engine compartment, the battery shell has a phenomenon of edema, swelling, reducing battery life
So when you discover this, you should replace the battery immediately. The engine starts weak, if the key turns or press the car start button but the engine only inchs up slightly or cannot start, the main cause has the main cause It may be due to the weak battery. The engine starts weakly in the case of an explosion, let the machine explode for about 30 minutes to the charging generator for the battery. After that, turning off the device to restart, if it still does not start demonstrating the battery is corrupted and needs to be replaced. If the battery is not blue, if the eye has a green, the battery is still good and the operation Usually on new cars. The black visits mean that the battery is weakened, it is necessary to load additional. In the case of an eye visits are white, the battery is broken and needs to be replaced. By Thu Ha, 2 hours ago

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